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Stitchcation….a summer crochet challenge…MET!

I love the site The Crochet Crowd. It’s a lot of fun folks, great patterns and awesome tutes by the man who runs the site, Michael Sellick (Mikey). They run all kinds of challenges, CAL’s, and mystery events. I saw the one called Stitchcation and I loved it. This was my first CAL  (crochet a long) and I not only had fun, but I learned a LOT along the way. I knit and crochet both, but usually knit more often so this was a lot of fun to get my crochet chops back in practice. 🙂

Here is my submission. I call this Summer Garden because its all the colors of my garden. Young tender spring green, midsummer deeper greens, my favorite rose colors, bright yellow of sunny days and the blue of gorgeous summer skies, the brown of fresh tilled soil and my favorite colors of other little flowers. Enjoy!

my stitchcation afghan 2014

Once I finished that I got some canning done since the weather has been so cool and wonderful. I made 5 pints of Very Berry Jam which is strawberry, raspberries (from my bushes), peaches and sour cherries (from my tree).

Then I made 5 pints of Blueberry Apple Pineapple Cinnamon Jam. I think it will end up more of a thick jelly than a really thick jam but I don’t care. It will still taste wonderful.

After that came 7 pints of Dill Relish. My neighbor up the road gave me some zucchini and summer squashes out of her garden and I even ground those up and used them along with my pickling cukes. yum!

So I’ve not been posting much, but I’ve been busy doing summerish stuff.

How are you all doing this summer? How are your gardens? Getting ready for fall yet?


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