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Corn Failure and Booze

SmileyCorn We all know the youtubes… hey, you’ve been doing this all wrong for years, let me show you how to do it right! Or the…I found a secret, quick way to do some job or another! I admit. Sometimes I try them. Some of them I just look at and say, “yeah, right” and move on. So one of the ones I’ve been wanting to try is the guy who shows you how to cook corn in the microwave, still in the leaves and hair. He cuts off the end and shakes it and the cob just slides right out slick as a whistle, leaf free and hair free. We love corn and I just had to try this. So this past Saturday I bought a dozen ears of corn from a guy who gets veggies every week from the big farms and brings it here and sells it. It’s right out of the field, always ripe and yummy and his prices are better than the store, plus its locally grown.

So tonight I put this to the test. I nuked my corn, as shown, leaving on the leaves and hair. I made the hubby stay up a few more mins so he could see this awesome demonstration. I held that cob with a hot pad, cut off the end and started to shake out the cob. I shook and shook and shook. I cut it a little further up. Maybe that was the problem. I shook and shook…. I waved it around a bit. Maybe a little centrifigal force would help it out. I loosened some of the leaves….went back to shaking and swinging. Finally, my husband standing there in his underwear and trying not to laugh outright at what I was going through to get this cob out said, “Why don’t you just peel off the leaves?”  Well because.. because… that’s just not the point! Doesn’t he know that this is a secret trick sure to revolutionize corn on the cob cooking? Did he not see the bigger picture here? How could he not understand the scientific leap in the evolution of cooking? Of course, I said none of this. I just gave him a look that had him backing away from me slowly and telling me how wonderful I am and how much he loves me. Humph!

So I peeled the other cobs that I had cooked in silence while he went to bed. I can’t deny that I had a few unkind thoughts about hitting that man over the head with my cobs. On the bright side, however, the corn did cook quite nicely. 🙂


wine graphicOn another note…  I’ve always wanted to learn how to make my own wine and cider. Not beer. I hate beer. The hubby doesn’t drink so its neither here not there to him. I tried making my own hard cider and after a month, I can honestly say, even Sheldon Cooper would have been afraid to touch what was in that jug. It  was definitely alcholic, but it smelled like my hubby’s socks after he has been out loading wood in the winter. baaaaaad!

I still wanted to learn how to do it though and bought a book. I haven’t done anything more with it, however, because there has been so many other things vying for my time. Then on Saturday, lo and behold, what did my wondering eyes behold? A brewing store opened up in our town! A whole store with all the stuff to make your own booze. Oh joy! Oh delight! So today we stopped by since they are now officially open and bought a small wine-making kit. Yep, it has everything you need to make 1 gallon of homemade hooch.  There is unfermented wine to get you started, “must” they call it, but that was hugely price prohibitive. $74.00 for a box of juice! Seriously?  For grape juice? uh-huh… well… I’m going to make a batch of hard cider first. We’ll get a half gallon of fresh pressed cider at the apple farm down the road from us and go from there.

The kit comes with a recipe book and let me tell you…..  I was SHOCKED at what you could make wine out of!  It even tells you how to make brandies, ciders, simple fruit wines… you can even make a wine out of fresh jam and jelly! I just made jam last week, too. How convenient. <winks>  I’ll need to get a few more small ingredients for some of these, but they sure sound fun and yummy. There is even a recipe with tea. I’m guessing that’s gonna be like the twisted ice teas advertised all summer long. yippee!

I also think this is a good skill for that end of the world event. 😉 Everyone is going to be wanting to make things a little rosier, not to mention the use of alcohol for medical uses. Never hurts to have a skill that will be useful, right?

I’ll do some posts as I make my first batch and let you know how it goes. 🙂


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