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When an Egg Met a Cupcake Tin…

This looks fabulous. =-O

Epicurean Bliss

Snow days are great for many reasons, one of which is the opportunity for a weekday breakfast at home. Usually my Monday to Friday breakfasts consist of whole rolled oats, cinnamon, sliced banana, and some raw almonds. It  might sound boring, but somehow I never get sick of oatmeal, and it always keeps me full until lunch – a no brainer!

But this past Thursday, mother nature decided to slam us with yet another winter storm, and the resulting inches of snow meant an extra hour or so of sleep for most of us, who were able to work remotely from the comfort of our own couches. It also meant morning access to more than just a microwave and hot water spigot for concocting breakfast; an actual stove, oven, and fresh ingredients were available. Let’s face it – what more reason do you need to mix up your typical breakfast routine?


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