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Run away! Run away!

That’s how I feel about the time and this blog. They both run away from me! Here it is October already. Plans for the summer projects are woefully being relegated to next spring… again.  Chores to get done before winter are finally getting done…again in a little bit of a frenzy. Every year its the same. Some things get done. Some things don’t. I tend to get myself all upset about it, but it doesn’t do any good. It is what it is. In all fairness a lot of things were stymied by weather. This had to be one of the coldest and wettest summers I can remember. I never got to put away all the blankets and sweats. Everytime I tried, the temps dropped and I went scurrying after them again. Finally I gave up and just left them out. Seemed like every time the hubster was off to get stuff done, it rained. Cosmic neener neener every time.

I did try some things since we last spoke so I’ll fill you in on those a bit. I always wanted to learn to make wine. Just seemed like something fun. Lo and behold, a brewing store opened up in town and they had starter kits for wine and beer making.


It comes with everything you need to make your first gallon jug of wine.


Well…. almost. I did have to get a couple small things and it doesn’t come with the juice. Still, its a pretty good deal.


I was going to take pictures as I went through the process, but there’s not much to see while it ferments. lol. The first batch I tried was a Peach Wine. It was peach season afterall, so why not, right? Well, I learned that extracting the juice by pulverizing the fruit isn’t a great way to get every yummy drop. It made a mess that I am still trying to filter out to this day. hehe. After going through the process and sitting now for about 6 weeks, I’m only sure of one thing. It does not taste anything like peaches. I honestly don’t know if its good or not. It’s definitely alcoholic. phew! But not sure its something I’d want to sit and drink. I’m going to let the guy at the store taste it (let him.. lol) and see what he thinks. Total waste of peaches, though, to my mind since you can’t taste peach at all.

Next batch was spiced apple cider. Tasted great… most of the way in. At this point, however, I’m pretty sure if we poured it out of a plane and threw a match it would have the same effect as a napalm bomb. I’m going to get more cider from the apple farm nearby and try again. No spices this time. Definite learning curve to this skill.

Speaking of the Apple Farm. Hubster and I got to go to the Johnny Appleseed Fair this year at Red Apple Farm.


The weather was stunning. In fact, it was one of the hotter days  we had all summer. Go figure. As you can see,  the sky was the most gorgeous blue and the farm was packed. We can’t wait for the farm to open every year. Fun place. Great food goodies to buy, pick your own various fruits, and of course, apples as far as the eye can see. There was good music, great bbq on their huge outdoor grills, lots of vendors and they have great homemade baked goods, baked right on site. Yep, can you tell this is a fav spot for us to visit? One of the local apiaries, and the honey we love the best, Niemi’s, has a working beehive box set up so you can actually watch the bees do their thing. It’s more of a beehive in a wall sort of box, but its a real hive and its fun to watch. We also like to feed and pet all the farm animals; goats, donkies, sheep.


We even got our picture taken with one of the local ferocious beasts.


Someone who did NOT have such a fun time this summer? Our Rosie. Yep, it was spaying time. Here she is in the “Cone of Shame”.


And last, but certainly not least, I had to take a picture of our lovely hibiscus. Yep, you heard me, a hibiscus in full bloom in New England. This is a variety that survives dormancy in New England winters and pops up in mid-summer to shine its beautiful face in defiance of its breed. I love this flower.


I’ll catch up a little more in another post. Hope you all had a great summer!




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