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Country Roads 2014 and early Christmas pressies!

If you’ve read my posts in the past, there are two that show something called Country Roads. It happens the first full weekend of December every year and is something my sweetie and I look forward to all year. For more details on what this is and what we did this past weekend here are the posts. Country Roads part 1 and Country Roads part 2. The weather this year was horrid. We had freezing rain all night and were worried how the roads would be. The main roads weren’t too bad, but it rained/sleeted all day long and by the time we were finished day one of the tour, the temps were starting to drop and the roads were getting a bit slick. Day two was much better thankfully.

If you do all 16 shops you get entered into two grand prize drawings. We didn’t win one of those, but we did win a $10 gift certificate to Country Folk Gifts so that will be fun to pick up and shop with. Last year we won a gift certificate to the alpaca farm and that’s how we got Lorelai. 🙂

little lorelaiWe had a ball as usual. There were a couple new shops and a couple old ones not on the list this year. We still went to one of them, however, because we love looking at the items and visiting for a few mins with the shop owner. This shop is called Colonial Hill Alpaca Farm.  This lovely little girl is Lorelai. She was my purchase last year and is so soft its hard not to keep petting her. She has the sweetest little face that I just couldn’t help myself.

This year, however, the sweetie really treated me to two early Christmas presents. The yarn is from their own alpacas and is just luscious to touch and gorgeous colorways. Sweetie bought me TWO skeins of yarn! Each skein is… are you ready for this??… 900 yards each! ::faints:: I’m going to really be sure I pick out something gorgeous to make with these beauties.  Be sure to click on them so you can see the bigger picture and really check out these colors.




pumpkin alpacabeachy alpaca

The other thing we’ve done since the first year, which was 4 years ago, is to buy a couple finger puppets from their store. They’re soft and always really cute. I’m getting quite the menagerie now! Here are the ones I got this year. We got a couple more than usual, but we just could not make up our minds. lol. We got a turtle, a little doggy that looks like Snoopy, another dog, which has a really cute face even though the picture doesn’t do it justice, and a reindeer. I’m making a special rack for them so I can see them better.

2014 finger puppets







Another store that is one of our favorites is one called Krafter’s Krossing. You could wander the rooms of this store for an hour and still miss things. It’s always beautifully decorated and, if the weather is nice and they’re out, you get a wonderful greeting from the family dogs. 🙂  While wandering the store, something caught my eye. It was tucked into a cabinet with some other vintage and eclectic jewelry. I initially passed on by, but it kept tweaking my curiousity, so I went back to check it out. Now, understand, while I have come to love jewelry in the last 5 years or so, I’m not usually into what you could call “blingy” style. I do like braceletvictorian-ish stuff, but really don’t own very much because its usually ornate and…well…too blingy. I just have a hard time picturing myself wearing it with my customary jeans and t-shirts. This was stunning, however, and once I put it on, I just couldn’t take my eyes off it. The crystals are exactly the same shade as the turquoise and sparkle so prettily when the light hits them. Yes, the ring is attached to the metal strands on the back of my hand. I just fell in love with it. So did my sweetie. He actually loved how it looked on me and insisted we buy it. Yes, I was hesitating, but I just didn’t want to take it off! 🙂  The price wasn’t exorbitant, but it was early in the day and I hadn’t really planned on spending so much right off the bat, but my sweetie said you’re getting it and that’s that. <giggles> What’s a girl to do?  ::flutters::


Another store we never fail to hit even if we cannot get to all of them is Smith’s Country Cheese.  They have their own farm and cattle, goats and sheep and make all of their own cheese products. The store is such fun to wander around also. It definitely has a retro feel because its full of little gifty amishfiguresitems you don”t usually find in any other store and simple old fashioned games and toys for children that don’t require hookups, batteries or wi-fi. lol. They also have a foodie section with all kinds of quirky sauces, herbs, spices, etc.  One of the items they have had 3/4 years we’ve gone is a collection of little Amish figurines. I just love them. We’ve bought one each year until last year when they didn’t have any more. ::gasp:: But THIS year they were back!!  So we bought two. lol. They’re very nicely made and the simplicity of the little scenes just speaks to me. My family is from Philadephia and hubby and I lived 20 mins from the heart of Lancaster for a number of years and they’re just a bit sentimental to me. Aren’t they sweet?


Along the way we also picked up various other small items here and there. We bought a yard of material from the quilt shop that hubby really likes so I’ll make something special for him with it. We got a dvd of trains for him. We got our annual Almond Christmas cake from The Kitchen Garden. Its a Scandinavian bakery and the cake had just come out of the oven and was still warm in the container. We can’t resist this cake. I also bought a book of 1 yard sewing projects since I’m going to be doing more sewing. ((more on that in another post))  I might be forgetting a couple smaller things. but needless to say, we had a wonderful weekend.

Sunday we had the best, most wonderful and fun, breakfast we’ve ever had. We have been dying to eat at a small restaurant called Country Mischief for several years now and have just never gotten there. This year we said, that’s it, we’re going! So we waited until day two, which was Sunday, to have breakfast there. We love going out for breakfast, and since we only had 4 more shops to hit that day, we figured it would be a chance to have a nice, relaxing sit down.

This is such a unique restaurant. It’s always packed and for good reasons. Everything is homemade and fresh. You can actually stand and watch the chef cook and see all the ingredients and watch how he makes things. It’s a big house and there are like 15 rooms. lol. Only a portion of that is the restaurant. The rest is all gift shop. They really shine in the vintage and handmade department. Not everything is locally made, but a lot of things are. Mixed in with all this are antiques…everywhere. I don’t think I can think any kind of collector not finding something to add to their collections here. Every nook, cranny and closet is packed with things to see and treasures to rummage around and find. They have spread out and now have another house down the road filled with more of the same. Plan to spend hours here…seriously…hours. lol.

But to get back to breakfast, we were on the back porch. The view off the porch is gorgeous. It was even moreso because there was snow on the ground. Talk about a backdrop. There are antiques and quirky things to look at all over the walls and shelves. Each table had a small lap blanket incase you were a bit chilly. I loved that touch. When we ordered our tea, expecting the usual institutional porcelain and little leaky metal creamer of water, I got instead a beautiful cut glass cappucino mug and a pretty porcelain teapot of steaming hot water. It may sound like a little thing, but it was like visiting at a friend’s house. Then I noticed that all the tables around us had their hot drinks in various kinds of mugs like you would find at any tag sale. It was such fun to see what kind of mugs folks got and what kind of pretty china teapots they got. They were all different. The waitress, dressed as all the staff were for the weekend, were dressed in bright red nighties and red and white striped socks. She sat right down at the table with us and told us all the specials, joked and chatted a little with us, took our orders.

The food was wonderful and we left with a doggy bag for me. My omelet was so big I couldn’t eat more than half of it. The most amazing thing was the homemade pumpkin french toast with homemade whipped cream. :drools:: Honestly, it was the best french toast I’d ever had and I just HAD to ask the chef how he made it. He told me he soaks the bread, which is all texas toast thickness, in homemade pumpkin custard first. ::sighs happily::  Seriously…. wonderful. The best part was how much fun we had, though. The other tables were friendly and by the end of the meal, we were all laughing. The staff were fun and our waitress truly rocked.

The prices were reasonable considering how much you got and how delicious it all was, and all the atmosphere that came with it. We can’t wait to go there again.

So we had a busy weekend. I’ll have more to share once I can show you some pics of presents that haven’t been given yet. I also have a couple new items to share with you that I’ve very excited about.

Talk to you all again! Hope you made it through this post without a potty break!  🙂






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