Choo Choo!

Every year I get my husband something “train-ish” for Christmas. It’s a little tradition. So is his getting a can of Royal Dansk cookies. hehe. But whether its an actual train or a train ornament or something about trains its good.

This year I wasn’t sure what I wanted to get and while at Michael’s Arts and Crafts, I found a plaster Santa Engine that you paint yourself. Now I’ve done these sorts of projects before for other things and no matter how easy you think its going to be…its not. Still it was so cute piled up with pressies and a tree and it was an old fashioned steam engine that I couldn’t resist.

I already had most of the paints. I did have to buy some glitter paint and some gold and silver paint, but I had the rest of the colors. Its really interesting to be working on something when the person its for has to go right past it on his way to bed. lol. But he’s a good hubby and never peeked under the towel that was draped over my entire work table. It took me about 3 weeks to get it finished. I had to do a little…let it dry a bit…do a little…let it dry a bit.   Then I decided I wanted to put some lights inside it, but there were no openings to let the light out so I carved out the windows on the side with a pocket knife. Yes, you heard me…a pocket knife. Believe it or not that worked easier than trying to dremel it out. I also used a drill to carve a hole where the front light would be. You can’t really see the light coming out as much as I thought you would. I did add a gold jewelry finding on the top of the stack and in the light hole on the front because I just thought they added a nice touch.  The thing that really made it awesome though was when I remembered that I had a metallic gold paint pen. I did tons of detail work that I could not have easily done with the brush. Since I painted the engine black, the gold touches gave it a really nice vintagey feel. I brushed some glitter over the whole thing for a little sparkly effect then seal coated it with Mod Podge. I did think the Mod Podge would dry a bit more clear and not show the brush strokes, but even still it has a nice glossy luster and I know all the paint is protected. I couldn’t wait for Christmas…we never make it all the way. lol…and gave it to him a couple nights ago. So.. here it is! And yes. he loved it!

train1 train2I’ve been having fun doing some drawing again. I’ve been trying to learn to use watercolor markers, been playing with some watercolor crayons and even been trying some of the “zen tangling”. It’s funny. I’ve doodled like that ever since I was a little kid. NOW they decide its therapeutic. lol. Ah well, everything has its day, I guess. I used to love doing pen and inks and I did a LOT of calligraphy, including doing it for companies, schools, parties, etc. I even played with doing Illumination. I liked doing that a lot and would like to get back into practice again. So this is one of my little evening of doodlings.  This is done with a Micron Pen and watercolor pencils, some of which are blended and some which are not.

rideronthestorm drawing

I also have been playing with my new sewing machine. I decided to start out on some small easy projects since I was so out of practice with a machine. Glad I did. I had to redo a couple things along the way. (like a thumb placed on a mitten upside down…coughs.. lol)  I made a hood, mittens and scarf set and a scarf for my hubby. I’ll get some pics of those up soon. I think I want to add some trim to the hat front. <winks>

Tomorrow my machine embroiderer comes and between the new sewing machine, the serger and the ME I will, hopefully, be doing a LOT more sewing and making some pretty things for my shop and for friends. The shop is still in the building stage.

Hope you’re all remembering the reason for the season and not getting so stressed out you forget to enjoy your loved ones and have some fun!


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