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Flower Power!

I thought that made a good name for this design. I wanted to try sticking with black and white and using pencil shading.  I’m new to the paper stump for smudging, but I think I like the effect. I really liked making this drawing. The zentangling is fun, but I think I like doing something that purists would call “zentangle inspired” better. It’s 3am but I wanted to get this uploaded before turning in. Hope you all enjoy it! Please feel free to leave comments. I love reading them and getting your inputs!



3 thoughts on “Flower Power!

  1. Looks very nice! I love using flower teepee patterns and in true zentangle you’re not supposed to use flowery or heart type tangles. They are my favorite though! You should look up some henna designs. They’re really easy and pretty. Oh, and also love the blending stumps! I was using tissues before bought some abs the distance is just unrealistic! I love shading! Great job!

    • Thanks! I have a couple stumps but didn’t have them to hand when I did this. I agree the henna designs ,(mehndi are really pretty. I think I have more of a zen-inspired style. I’ve been doodling similar to this for years and now it has a name. Hehe.

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