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‘A Special Package’ . reBlog .

I had to repost this, my friends. Please read and smile for the wonderful heart that shines through.


With snow storms everywhere, hostage-taking, shootings and explosions, plus a mirad of other horrific news items, I thought it was a perfect time for a wonderful story  …

A Special Package.

January 9, 2015 – by Holigram – “Down With Jax”

Earlier this week Jaxson received a VERY special package in the mail…..


In this box is a blanket filled with love. Literally, it is filled with love….

Let me explain. There is an angel out there who makes blankets filled with love for sick children and children with disabilities. Of course it’s only fitting that her name is actually Angel (serious)!

Angel had a vision to wrap sick kids up in warm hugs. Of course there was no way Angel could visit every sick kid in person (which I know she would LOVE to do!) and give them a warm hug, so she decided the best way to…

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