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…and sometimes it comes out like this…

::a peek into the brain of a doodler::

Everything is going along swimmingly… then I got the first smear. Hmm… thought this pens weren’t supposed to smear. Maybe it was just a fluke. A little bit later, smeeeeeaaarrrr. Erg!  Ok try scraping it off the paper… scrub, scratch, scrape…ok its mostly gone, eraser took care of the rest…keep going. Phew. Now its time for the lettering. lalalalala… yep perfect. Finally time to get out the watercolors. Pencils? nah. watercolor crayons? Nah still not used to them. Watercolors? Well, still not real used to them but be brave… go for it.   ::making faces as the colors sort of do what she wants, but not totally::  Now.. let’s add a color wash under the letters. That’ll be the ticket! Load up your brush with water and SWIPE!   OH NO! omgomgomg… I guess my calligraphy ink isn’t waterfast! oh no….. mutter…mutter…something naughty…mutter…. grrrr. Enough for tonight. I’m going to bed.

Well, readers, you get the picture. It was ugly. It was frustrating. I wasn’t going to post it, but then I thought…wait, everyone shows off the awesome wonderful drawings. New folks, like myself, can feel a little defeated when ours don’t look like theirs. So this is my little bit of encouragement. Sometimes it looks great. Sometimes it comes out like this…

booboo doodle




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