So as I learn about zentangle and see what other artists do with it, I’m starting to see what I really like, what appeals to me, what rings my chimes artistically speaking. While the freeform is fun and a good way for me to learn how to do different tangles and experiment, I really like a more literal, but stylized, form. I love the ones with animals using the tangling to detail the parts of the animal. I love the florals with a mix of recognizable, flowery and tangly details. Tonight I was playing around a little and did a tree. My shading is still a bit sketchy (haha get it? sketchy? lol) but I really like how this came out. Though I didn’t set out for this effect, it looks to me like the tree is wearing a bodice with a split skirt. hehe. Anyway… here it is.


Hopefully I’ll get some pics up of other things I’ve been working on lately. I’ve been sewing and learning to use my new sewing machine and my new machine embroiderer. Boy there is a lot to learn and a lot of little things to get to go with the embroiderer. Not really cheap to get started in even aside from the cost of the machine itself. Bit of a learning curve, but learn something new each time I sit down with it ,which has been twice now. lol.



3 thoughts on “Zentree

  1. I so can relate to your post! And of COURSE your tree is good and isn’t wearing clothes! But once you SAID it, I saw it. But it didn’t remotely look that way!

    And I just started a big hummingbird in exactly the way you describe. That is what I like- not squares of zentangle. Love your blog!

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