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#202 Diva Challenge: Duo Tangles

Phew this week’s challenge was tough. I don’t do either of those patterns very well and Chebucto about killed me. For someone with bad spatial relations that one was a killer. I got one done, but can’t say its my favorite by any stretch. By the end I was like.. sun and moon and water and its done. Thank God. LOL.

btw for anyone from the linky thing that sees this.. I have not been able to post on anyone elses site, including the diva’s to leave comments or appreciations or anything. I think Bloglovin doesn’t much like WordPress. If anyone has any suggestions I would really love to hear them. I look at a lot of your gorgeous creations and cannot even “like” them!

#202 challenge


10 thoughts on “#202 Diva Challenge: Duo Tangles

  1. I know exactly what you mean about Chebucto…if Wayne hadn’t shown me an entirely different way of doing this I would have a major meltdown. He actually showed me three different ways to do it and as they say the third was a charm. You’d never know you had a difficult time though, yours is beautifully done with stunning colors…I’m a color fanatic myself!

  2. Love your tile. It looks like a beautiful piece of cloth. You might have to sign in to Google to do what you want. I have to sign in to the various other sites (i.e. WordPress, instagram) to comment or like.

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