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Embroidery Goddess! or what they don’t tell you on those infomercials.

vintage sewer 1Ok, not a Goddess, but proud of myself in a big way. For those who don’t know, I just got a new Singer sewing machine, a Singer Serger and a Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine. ( I know, right? bounces). I haven’t sewn much for years, but used to sew a lot. I’ve never used a serger so looking forward to that. And I’ve never used an embroidery machine. That’s the one I’ve been trying to figure out the most lately.

See and you thought all I did was draw ,right? lol

Anywho…I want to say a little bit about this embroidery stuff first. No matter how EASY they make it look on HSN or youtube videos… there is a BIG learning curve to using an embroidery machine if you have never done it before. BIG. You cannot just plug in a usb and have it magically stitch out gorgeous designs. They already prepared theirs on the show and have the files set up just right so that the machine can even read them. Yours… won’t be. It won’t even be formatted correctly when you buy it. Also, you know how they just pressed a button and away they went? Yeah… not. They don’t tell you that you actually have to think about what thread you are using..not just the top, but the bobbin thread as well.  They might show you a quick passby of the hoop and mention something about the material being stabilized. Guess what? Your material won’t be. Yep, that’s right. Your machine might come with a few pieces of wierd paper that reminds you of construction paper, but did they tell you that’s only for certain materials? Nope, probably not. Then you find out that you need a basic supply of three types of stabilizer…medium tear or cut away, light tear or cut away, and water soluble for the top. All of these by the way go with different types of material. Some are used together, some you only need one, some you might need all three. Did their material slide around? No? Guess what? Basting spray! Spray on adhesive. Yep. What a difference that stuff makes.

Then you find out about thread. Omg.. there are so many kinds of thread! And guess what? NONE of them use the same numbering system!!! Home+Sewing+Is+EasySo you might have 6 different blues from 6 different companies and all of them will have different numbers. Yep, nothing like downloading your first design, after having spent hours or days figuring out how to do that and actually make your machine SEE them.. but now you find out you have no idea what numbers they are using! Names of colors? Good luck. They all name them something else, too. So now its back online to try to find color conversion charts. Yep, good luck. Its mind boggling and confusing.

But assuming you get through all this and you’re hooped and stabilized. You go to thread up your machine and…wth????  That new thread doesn’t fit on your machine! Yep, campers, that’s right. All those different threads are on different types of spools. Some of them won’t fit on your machine. Now what? You can sit it in a little votive candle holder, or a small glass. You can order a thread stand. (I have mine picked out already, tho the votive candle holder worked fine for my current threads for now).

Ok, take a deep breath. Relax. This is a fun hobby afterall…remember? You get that sorted and your machine is threaded, hooped, stabilized and blessed with some holy water, just in case. If you have done everything right, you push that little go button and watch, with baited breath, for your design to bloom before your eyes. Course, this might not happen…holy water aside. Cause you MIGHT still need to make a tension adjustment. Trust me you will know when it puckers up like it just ate a lemon. Grab a tissue.. its ok to cry. Read your book and start experimenting…again.

There will come a day when you will sit down to try again. It will all come together and your little practice design actually looks good. You will get brave and put a real item in your machine. You will talk to yourself as you set everything up just so. And you will sit there, with your 7 color changes design and watch every stitch, breathing a sigh of relief as each color change ends and came out right. Suddenly it will be over. Your machine will triumphantly beep at you telling you that the design is finished. You’ll reverently take your prize off the machine, unhoop it and snip the little threads. And you will sit there, tears running down your tired face, and stare at your beloved embroidered item. It’s ok.. let it all out. You’ve earned it. It took you three weeks to get everything ordered as you found out you needed it, countless messed up practice designs and hours of stress and frustration to get to this point.

Well, I got to that point tonight! Yes I AM doing the Snoopy happy dance. I earned it and I’m going to do it. It’s a bib for my as yet unborn great-nephew.

yellow bib 1yellow bib 2









I also made two crib sized blankets. Here they are.

care bear blanketblue blanket1

I still have a couple of stroller sized blankets to do and 12 more bibs. lol. Then a few little crocheted items. Yep, its busy here. I also got a software program for you counted cross-stitch folks so that I can scan in a phote and turn it into a ccs pattern! Yep. Busy.

If you stuck with me all this way.. bless your heart. lol. Love comments to talk to me. peeps!




4 thoughts on “Embroidery Goddess! or what they don’t tell you on those infomercials.

  1. Wow! I’m impressed! Sounds like a lot of stress to figure the darn machine out! I’m not so sure I would have stuck with it. But I’m glad you did as your designs turned out lovely!

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