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Hello from Narnia

That’s how it feels. Winter all the time. The White Witch is definitely still holding court up here in New England. We got a little lucky this last storm because we only ended up with about a foot of snow. Some towns weren’t so lucky. They estimate we have gotten approximately 71 inches of snow in the last 3 weeks. I should perhaps mention here that there is more snow coming on Thursday and then again on Sunday. I think they only expect us to get about 6 inches on Thursday,  but with snow measured in feet on the ground what’s another 6 inches. Course with our luck this time they will predict 6 inches and we’ll get another foot. lol. Oh well, here are some pics from the yard.


The dogs were the smart ones. They wanted no part of going outside, but they were keeping a good eye on mom and dad. 🙂


Believe it or not there is a window behind that pile. We have several windows you either cannot see out of at all or you can only peek out the top.


That mound is taller than I am!


“How about grabbing a shovel, sweetie, instead of the camera?” hehe


Hubby has been having to shovel and break some of it up before snowblowing it because in some places it was deeper than the blower was tall.


We have a very narrow aisle for one side of the double door to open. These are the piles on either side of that door.


Just enough room for the hubby to back out the red van and head off to work tomorrow morning. Poor thing!



3 thoughts on “Hello from Narnia

    • Thanks! Its getting rough here. The city is having a harder time because of closer quarters, less room to put the snow and slowed or stopped public transportation systems. Ah well. Another foot coming tonight again. Spring is coming….right? Lol

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