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#207 Diva Challenge

“A Door on Tuscany”

I know, I know.. laaaa deeee daaaaa.  I couldn’t help myself. Its just what I had in mind when I decided what to do with these two tangles. It occurs to me that I suppose I don’t really follow the spirit of Zentangling in its purest sense. I also have discovered that rather than relax me it sort of starts to get on my nerves doing more interesting than strictly the patterns themselves. So I guess that makes me more of a Zia-ist.  <grins> Considering I’m also learning watercolors its just natural for me to combine them. Either way I had fun with this. And IMHO…no matter what you do with that one tangle.. its cherries. lol.

#207 Diva Challenge. A door on Tuscany


12 thoughts on “#207 Diva Challenge

  1. When it comes to creating ‘breaking the rules’ is a necessity…it is an innocent way to get a rush of adrenalin. Love your door to Tuscany!

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