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Little Hibiscus

I got ambitious tonight and decided to try painting a picture from my garden, taken last year. It’s a cold climate Hibiscus. Yep, you heard right. Cold climate. I found this a couple years ago and just had to try it. It blooms beautifully although the plant itself hasn’t grown a whole lot. In the winter it dies back right to the ground and if you didn’t know it was there, you’d never guess. It does nothing for the first part of spring/summer then suddenly shoots up and puts out the most gorgeous flowers.  I thought I might be able to get the flower looking at least…flowerish, but I think the glass vase was beyond my current skills. It’s a lovely little sky blue translucent vase, but glass proved to be a problem. Well, at least the flower looks… flowerish. lol

Here is the original photo and my painting next to it. This was done with Grumbacher Academy Watercolors on Strathmore Mixed Media paper. I think I really need to just stick with watercolor paper if I’m going to use paint. The paint just doesn’t flow around much on this paper.

garden phloxpainted hibiscus


3 thoughts on “Little Hibiscus

    • Well yes and no. Quite a bit of it melted though there are still huge piles probably won’t melt till July. but it snowed all day today we got about three and a half inches. it was not a welcome sight. they say it should be gone tomorrow but it’s 17 degrees tonight so I guess we’ll wait and see.😣

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