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Outfits for my grand-nephew

Ok, so I’ve not been knitting, but I’ve been sewing like mad. Some things more successfully than others. lol. Anyway, I found a pattern with an adorable outfit of a jacket, pants and little matching shoes. I’ve never done baby clothes before and its been years since I did clothing sewing so it was a little dicey a few times, but with the help of a friend, I got them sorted.  I made two outfits. I admit, they were a bit harder than I thought they would be. How hard can something with only 4 pieces be, right? LOLOL. Riggggghhhhttttt! I love how the material looks though. I love the colors. These are for 6-12 months. I think probably it will go till 12 month since my nephew was on the smallish side and his wife is a very tiny woman.  So without further ado…

outfit 1 outfit 2


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