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Placemats and napkins

This is my latest creation. Placemats to match the mug rugs I made for my sister. I also made matching napkins of the blue star material. While making these my walking foot arrived from Amazon and I cannot believe what a difference that made. I just zipped along once that was installed. I also designed the pattern for the placemats, something I’ve never done before, as well as having never made placemats OR napkins before. Yep, lots of firsts on these. I’m happy with how they came out although I will be tweaking the pattern a bit.

placemat1 placemat2


4 thoughts on “Placemats and napkins

  1. These are great! The fabric combination looks lovely! I can’t quite tell, but is the cutlery pocket attached to the placemat? If so that is an amazing idea! Either way they’re fab! Well done!:)

    • The cutlery pocket is sewn right along with the second piece. its all part of the same seam. One of the tweaks that I want to make to the pattern is to make that trip and the pocket a little bit wider than the rest so that its easier to fit the napkin inside. Thanks so much for the comment and I’m glad you like them! 😁

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