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4 painting practices

So I’ve also been trying to practice more with my watercolors. You can watch all the you tubes in the world and read all the books you can find but that doesn’t mean what’s in your head is what comes out on the paper. sighs. I think maybe doing studies of one thing at a time to find which ways I like, which results I like best, etc. This was a start on that but not structured, just trying a few things out. Some things were more successful than others, but that’s the point of these so I consider it a success on that level. There is little that I like about this one. This was the first one I did. Too much water, too much brush, too much color and the clouds came out really crappy. Not the effect I was going for at all.


The next one was a pen and ink on watercolor painting. I love how the gradient sky background came out. I’ve been struggling with that and I think this one came out pretty. I wanted to try a freeform pen and ink and just wing it. Note to self: Be sure before you ink where you want your background lines to be. lol.


The next one I wasn’t too unhappy with. I managed to get the double tree line effect, but the back row should have been a bit lighter to make it more obvious. I like how the sand came out and I kind of like my little pail even if it is a bit simplified. I did the clouds differently than the other picture and I really like how it came out. I think I’ll work on more sky effects, in different colors for different weathers, using this method.


The last one is by far my favorite. I adore how the background came out. Its much more vibrant than the others and felt tropical even with nothing else painted. The rest of the drawing was done with Derwent Graphitint pencils. In hindsight I should have used the regular Derwents for brighter colors. I also like the layout in general. There was no picture reference and the layout came out of my head. I usually use a reference pic, so I was pretty happy with how the depth of scene came out. I did a little better with the background rows of trees, but I didn’t get the difference in values I was shooting for between the background forest and the foreground tree. However, I love how I managed to get the effect of reflection of the forest in the water. I think had I been doing this with actual watercolors or the other Derwents I may have been able to do a bit better. The little purple flowers were an afterthought but I love how they came out and added the little more color and the softening of the scene that I was looking for.


Next ones I do, however, I will remember to pull up the tape so you can see the white borders around them. I didn’t reshoot them because I wanted to get this finished so I can crawl under my blankets and get warm. lol  Some June!

Thanks for taking a look. Please feel free to leave comments  or suggestions. Its al about learning, afterall.






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