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Another day of firsts in sewing

I’m on a roll! lol  Now for those of you who are experienced sewers, please bear with me. These are all new things for me and they make me excited. 🙂

First, my hubby had picked out some fabric he really liked so I could make him some bandanas. I wanted them to look really nice, though, so I used a video on you tube  about how to make 9 minute napkins that had an awesome trick for making nice mitered corners. I’ve been wanting to try them and this was basically the same idea. The link to the site for the napkins is this, but you can also look up Virginia Lindsay on youtube and find the tute there to watch, which is what I did. It was really easy, although it certainly took me more than 9 mins. lol I think as I get better at them, I’ll get faster. I want to make a few and machine embroider on them and put them for sale. That’s the plan anyway.

camo bandanas flag bandanas

Next projects were pillowcases. I love the videos made by Jenny Doan for Missouri Star Quilt Company. Her tutes are sooooo easy to follow along with and she never assumes you know something and shows you every step, explains why she is doing it and tips on how to do it faster or easier or nicer. This is a video about making pillowcases in a tube. Most of you probably already know about this but I had no idea. I thought this was the coolest thing ever and I finally got to try some. Note: the materials were picked out by the recipient. 😉 I did a little better job with the second one, but honestly only I would know the differences between them. I LOVE these! They were a lot of fun and so easy I was shocked at how well I picked it up once I did it a long with the video. Here is the link if you want to try them yourself.

pillowcase2 pillowcase1

So that was my day yesterday. Its gorgeous out today and hope you all are enjoying your day. 🙂









5 thoughts on “Another day of firsts in sewing

    • thanks! Also trying to learn how to use my laptop. Its a different windows than my pc is and its really confusing. hopefully main comp will be up by the end of the weekend. 🙂

      • Oh, I understand! I know just enough about computers to get me from point A to B. After that – well, I call my husband. LOL! 😊

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