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Accidental Landscapes and Pansies

You see a lot of stuff on You Tube. Some good, some bad, some questionable but interesting. I watched a video where the gentleman demonstrating is teaching you how to do what he calls “Accidental Landscapes.” I was dubious, but I watched and his turned out much better than I thought when I first saw him start out with it. So, thought I, let’s give it a try! What can go wrong!

A LOT can go wrong. He instructs you to not think about what you are putting down. Just be free and let it flow. Uh huh… first try was a puddle of mud. Since I am trying to end up with a landscape of some sort, I tried again and tried to “accidentally” make it somewhat landscape-ish. Erg.. basically just a square box of slightly less muddy mess. I WILL do this… third try I went with brighter colors and closed my eyes a few times. Pretty background for something, but the only way anything on it could be a landscape is if you were doing LSD when you tried. Last try, fun was fading and quickly being replaced my sheer annoyance and much gritting of teeth. I ended up with something that I thought I “might” be able to make something of, and this is the result. My pen and ink work wasn’t very good, but considering my frame of mind, it could have been worse. lol. I tried a couple of different things with the ink work because I couldn’t make it much worse. It’s supposed to be some reflections in the blue water, but well, that was not one of the successful tries either. I don’t think I’ll be trying this again. It’s really not my thing and it aggravated me more than taught me anything.accidental landscape try

This week I bought myself a really nice little watercolor journal book. The paper is so nice. It has texture but not as much as the big pad I’ve been using. I think I like it a little less bumpy. I’ve been wanting to try some pansies. I love the flower and the brilliant colors they come in and I thought that maybe it would help me better learn to do a couple techniques with which I’ve been struggling. I love how it came out. I still struggled with the same issue, but I tweaked it and love how it came out anyway.



Hope you all had a lovely Fourth of July and kept yourselves and your loved ones safe!




5 thoughts on “Accidental Landscapes and Pansies

  1. I see a large catfish in your landscape painting! LOL! I struggle with learning someone else’s painting style too sometimes. I love your pansies! So cheerful! 🙂

  2. Thank you for your honesty regarding your first few attempts….I actually think that your posted “try” is successful! I LIKE that it’s not trying so hard to be something, if you know what I mean? Anyway, at least you learned more about what you don’t like, and that’s a success, imho!

    • Thanks so much! Beginners tend to forget that others don’t always end up with stellar results and it can be disheartening. I hope that others feel encouraged to chuckle and try again. 😁

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