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Fruit pickin’ time and my first apron

Yep, the fruit is starting to flow in now. Yesterday we picked our sour cherries. They are really hard to find because they can be very hard to ship and don’t have long lifespans for commercial growers. They are a once a year crop and if you don’t get them picked right when they’re ripe, they’ll rot fast. Birds LOVE them, too, so they require netting or you get nothing. I didn’t get my netting up in time last year and I didn’t get a single cherry. Greedy guts birds! We got about half of a good sized stockpot which is fine for the two of us. That will make lots of jam and syrups. πŸ™‚cherries

I don’t have a picture of it, but my raspberries are ripening nicely. They quadrupled in size this year and I’m going to have billllllions of raspberries. Today was the first picking day. I ended up with 2-3 quarts of the early bird berries. The berries are an heirloom variety from a friend’s mother’s backyard.Β  She planted them like 30 years ago. They’re big, bright red and so juicy! Yep, more jams and syrups. πŸ™‚Β  Since I’ll have so many I think I’m going to try a small batch of raspberry wine. My brewing experiments have not been overly successful, but try, try again. πŸ™‚

Now about the apron. This was a kit type of project. I thought I could use the piece as a pattern, but it didn’t really match up right. Well it was on sale for $5 so how much can you really expect.lol. Still I had fun doing it and yes, it actually fits me. I like the material and it fairly screams “ME” so its a keeper.


Lastly I want to leave you sewers with a picture to make you drool….

sewing machine gorgeous

Now in case you’re thinking this is just a dream, there is a company that does stuff like this to the Singer Featherweights. These machines are amazing to see and I sooooo want that done to my little featherweight. I want to get mine serviced. Mine is a vintage model, although you can still get them apparently. It hasn’t been serviced in probably 28 years. Anyway, I had to share this little beauty. πŸ™‚

Ta for now!








3 thoughts on “Fruit pickin’ time and my first apron

  1. Oh, fresh raspberries! Yum! My parents used to grow them and I hated to pick them when I was a kid. I buy them at the store now – very expensive. Now I wish I could pick fresh ones! They are sooo good! Lovely apron too! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’πŸ’š

    • thanks! I was just stoked that the apron fit me. lol. I wish I could send raspberries down to my sister. She loves them and yes, they are very expensive and rarely taste that great from the store due to having to pick them under ripe for shipping. These were just falling off the branches into my waiting hands. πŸ™‚

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