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To Infinity and Beyond!

I like to watch you tube videos about painting, crafts, etc. One of the sites I like to visit is called So Craftastic. Both of these ideas came from that site and both of them were full of first times for me. I’ll give my thoughts on each one.

First was similar to the crayon dripping paintings that were going around the net a while back. This one uses Sharpie markers instead of crayons. Sharpie markers are alcohol based so they activate using alcohol. This is my first time using a real canvas as well so I didn’t really know how it would go.

dripping markers

I didn’t find it as easy as she made it look. For one thing, my Sharpies didn’t activate quite as well as I thought they would. I had to add LOTS of alcohol and even remarking the top to get it to this point. Some colors also ran better than others. The light blue didn’t run hardly at all. Neither did the light green. I tried to add dark versions of those colors on top of the lighter ones to help things along and it seemed to help.  I read that this works on watercolor paper, too, so I may try that next. Maybe with washable markers or something similar. I still like how it came out, although my idea for what I want to do with it will use it the other way around. When I do that one I’ll post it and you guys can tell me how you saw it. 🙂


galaxy painting

Next was a really odd project. This also came from So Craftastic. The idea is to color the canvas with various bright colors, using, again, Sharpie markers. It’s rough on the markers, imo, using the canvas. First I tried using a frisket to do the stars and maybe some background stars, but that went down the drain as soon as I started coloring. The markers just pulled up the tiny frisket drops. Yes, I should have foreseen that, but I didn’t. Anyway, next you color the whole thing with black or darker colors. My first try at this looked awful. I used only black and my black was in bad shape long before I got to the end. I didn’t get enough coverage of the black and it just looked like a streaky mess. I thought about whether it was salvageable and decided, what the heck, I’ll just take it all the way and see what happens. I figured I had nothing to lose now. So I started coloring the canvas with black, deep blue and deep purple. The blue and purple were still nice and juicy and covered well. Once I got it covered better I turned it on its corner and started running alcohol down. This also used more alcohol than it seemed like the host used, but I just kept adding it until I liked how it looked. I have to say that I like it with the blue and purple in there rather than just the black.

On the stars, she uses gold puffy paint. I don’t have any of that so first I used gold Sharpie. That looked ok, but once everything dried totally, it was hard to see. It just wasn’t very bright. Next I tried painting gold fleck paint on top, but that mostly made a mess of the stars and the color under the stars bled through. It also didn’t seem to want to dry properly and stayed tacky. I gently cleaned that off and used a yellow pearly acrylic paint on the stars themselves. On the smaller dots, I redid those with a gold paint pen. That seemed to work better. If you have the puffy paint, it might be best to try that first. Next I gently brushed some gold Pearl Ex to the dots behind the stars to give it that feeling of movement of the stars, shooting across the skies with a sparkling trail behind them. Last, I took some sparkle paint and brushed that over the whole thing in stripes. Not total coverage, just in places and that really brought it all together. Its hard to see all of that in the picture, but its pretty sparkly.

Overall, I think it came out really cool. I have it in a wooden frame right now, but I think I want to get a black shadow box and put something in the foreground to give it the feeling of looking up at the sky. Whether that means doing some sort of painting in the foreground, maybe on the back of the glass itself, or doing a kind of mini-diorama feel with some items made from polymer clay, I’m not sure yet.

On other news, I’m still harvesting hundreds of big, sweet red raspberries. I’ll probably be picking berries for the next few weeks, although I’m assuming it will slow down by then. Right now I fill a big bowl every other day. My neighbors are enjoying them also. 🙂  They stop by on their walks and grab some. I told them its fine. I’ll have millions before the bushes are done and I know how much they enjoy them. I just pick them, gently rinse them. ( I don’t use ANY kind of pesticide or plant food. Just sun and rain. So you can safely eat them right off the bush. I like to get the leaves and dust and such rinsed off first. Then I just toss them in a bag and throw them in the freezer. I don’t really worry about them staying whole right now since they will be used for jams, smoothies and syrups anyway.

Not much else right now. I’m working on some jewelry which is for me. Hubby bought me some gorgeous beads and pieces and I’ve been turning them into sets that will look awesome with my new shirts and outfits. This was a clothes year and Woman Within is just rocking my socks. I’ve gotten such beautiful clothes, but such amazing prices and in MY size. I finally FEEL pretty when I go out. My sister made me some gorgeous necklaces and I’m going to be all matched now. lol.

I’ve also started working on my Etsy shop and started loading stuff into the store. It’s going to take me several days to get that finished and all the photos looking the best they can. I hope you will all stop by there and give it a look. 🙂

Well, you guys take care and I’ll talk to you again soon!


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