Pink Flowers

These are done on 140lb Strathmore watercolor paper with Derwent Watercolor pencils. Here is the reference picture:



Here is my version of it:

pink flowers


One thing I’m learning is that its not a crime against art to change things to the way you want them. Things don’t always have to be exactly as a picture. If I want a lighter background, its not grounds for art jail time. Still trying to get my colors to be less…..well, less. Maybe more crisp is what I mean. Trying to learn to do the negative space more and I think I did it pretty well on the leaf, though I did make the veins a very pale green at the end. Still I did the veins by leaving that space empty, not using a goache (sp?) over top of it. My shadows are a bit too much, but better than they have been on other paintings. Guess so long as I keep learning that’s what counts, eh? LOL.

Anyway, it was fun.



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