Bags Galore!


Yep, I’ve been busy sewing some bags again. I think I’ve perfected the way I like to do these bags. I added a wrist strap because I thought it would offer another way to carry them if you didn’t want to do it by the drawstrings. I’m also using cord instead of ribbons for the drawstrings. I think the little beefier material will hold up better.

minnie mouse bag turquoise bag

sneaker bag

This next bag is a weird story. I found a pattern for a bag that I wanted to try. It was from a book and I thought it would be good practice for me to learn to make stuff from books/mags as well as you tube or regular patterns.

I started cutting out the pieces and went to start sewing when I realized that all the pieces would be upside down. I checked the pattern pieces and yep, they were right side up, so why weren’t the fabric pieces. Turns out that if you use a directional pattern, you need to place the pattern piece on the fabric upside down. Yeah, this seemed odd to me. But I had pieces already cut and I really liked the fabric, so what to do….

I decided what the heck, the pieces were cut, I’ll experiment. I turned it into another sort of bag. I like how it came out, although the darts didn’t work out very well. Yes, those are supposed to be there. This bag is for me anyway so I’ll live with it, but  at least I didn’t waste the fabric.

deer purse

I did start another one, this time doing it right and I can tell you right now, I will NEVER make this pattern again. What a pain in the rear it is! lol. Pictures of that one when I finish it.

Lastly I leave you with the two faces I get to see when I look up from my sewing. The first one is Rosey and she watches me from the top of the sofa and looking over it at me. The second is my Baby and she wanders in and out to check on me.

rosey watching 1 baby 7-25-15



One thought on “Bags Galore!

  1. Wow! You’ve been busy! Great idea to add cord to your bags! And I like the outdoor fabric on the bag you made for yourself. Sometimes I find patterns to be more confusing than just making it up as you go. Glad it worked out for you. 😊

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