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New bag and Block Party square

Ok, Jill, here it is. TADA! lol. I saw a you tube about ice dyeing and I wanted to try it. I was going for a more watercolor look rather than a tie dye effect. I think I got that mostly. I was shocked at how much it faded once it dried. I may have to look into how to not have that happen. I saw one guy who put Nitrogen in the water and it kept it bright. I’ll look into it more. I already have more ideas for the next one. 🙂 Now what to make with it…..

block party square done


In my post last night I mentioned a purse that I started and was turning out to be way harder than I thought it would be. I finished it today and I was right. On the list of “Don’t Make Again” this one flew right to the top. This was not a beginners pattern. It didn’t say it was, so I can’t fault the book on that, but the directions were not great and they assumed a number of things. You experienced sewers would have found this to be child’s play, I’m sure, but I consider myself a semi-noob and so struggled with it. If I make this again, and that’s a BIG “if” right now, I would change several things. I don’t think it needed the lining to be interfaced. That just added extra bulk that I don’t think would have been missed. I would do the top bad differently and not put it on in the order they had you do it. It made it REALLY awkward and a pain in the butt.

All that said I do like the colors I used. Its “fall-ish” but not so much that I couldn’t use it if I was wearing those colors any time of the year. It’s nice and sturdy and has a lot of space in it. I like it a lot, but I’m sure glad its done. lol

lg purse 2

lg purse 3 lg purse 2

In case you all were wondering, here is the book it came out of.

one yard book

So that’s it for catching everyone up. I plan on doing more experimenting with the ice dyeing and I’ll put up my results when I do. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “New bag and Block Party square

  1. YAY! Love your ice-dyed square! I’ve always wanted to try this technique! I like how yours looks like it was painted. 😊 Lovely bag too! I am on vacation this week but when I get home, I will post your square on my blog! Maybe I will try doing the block party again! What do you think? 😊🎨💜

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