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Peek-a-boo and Dresden and a new TOY!

There’s been quite a bit going on here. It’s been hot and humid, the emphasis on humid. The sweetie and I had a lovely weekend. We went to see Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and it was stupendous! So much action you barely got to catch your breath and unclench your hands. lol. Then we went out to our favorite restaurant, Red Robin, for dinner. We don’t get to go there often, but really love the food there and always make a big deal out of the trip. (its about an hour and 15 mins from home.)

I also got a new toy! (drum roll)

Singer Quantum Stylist 9960!new singer

I am so in love with this machine! I’ve never sewn so fast or so accurate in my life. And its so quiet you can barely hear it. Its smooth, everything is in reach of just a thumb reach without having to take your hand off the material. There is SOOOO much to learn on it and I can’t wait to figure it all out.

And I’ve been having some fun with it. πŸ˜‰

This is a bag I found from a channel on Youtube called Pattydoo. I think she is dutch, but I’m not really sure. Her blog is not in English, but her you tube has English subtitles. She does a really good job of showing you how it goes together, though. I have to say that I didn’t really care for how she put in the zipper and I think I may try another way of doing it. I also didn’t care for interfacing the inside bag as well as the outside. I think it made it too stiff. Maybe if I used a different interfacing it would be better, but I used what I had on hand. Anyway, I think it came out cute even though the zipper is a bit wonky.

peek a boo bag1 peek a boo bag2


I also tried another bag that I’ve been wanting to try for a while now. Its called The Dresden Purse and you can find it at Missouri Star Quilt Company on youtube or on their website. I think I didn’t do something precisely right or that there are different sized Dresden plate templates and mine was different than the one they used because it didn’t come out quite right. I winged it and made it work, but its a little bit “watermelon slice” shaped. More than it should be. Still, I love the colors and it will be fun using it this summer.

dresden purse 1 dresden purse 2
This one was a bit more persnickety, but I think that’s because of all the winging it that I had to do. I want to add a snap or tab with a snap, but other than that, I love the colors and think its just whimsical enough to have fun using.

More to tell, but bedtime for now.

Catch up with you all again soon!




11 thoughts on “Peek-a-boo and Dresden and a new TOY!

  1. Beautiful projects! Congrats on your new machine. I’ve been looking for one for years and after reviewing this one online, it looks wonderful! People are raving about it! I just have one question and it may sound really silly. Is it super easy to sew a 1/4″ seam on this machine? Like, a 10 year old could do it easy? If so, then I’m sold. Thank you!! πŸ’›

    • SUPER easy!! There is also a quarter inch foot that makes it no fail. I suggest getting it from Walmart. They match amazons price, which is the lowest, and it still comes with all the bonus accessories that that amazon deal comes with. You can get it shipped for free with walmart’s free site to store then just pick it up at your local store. Lastly, with Walmart you get their 3 year extended warranty which covers everything even if you drop it or bust it yourself. I don’t work for Walmart BTW! I just like a good deal. It’s $32-ish for the 3 years but way worth it. I love, love all the things this machine can do and how its all in thumb’s reach while you are sewing. Let me know how you make out if you get one!! 😁😁

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