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Tropical Purse Redux and a Sewing Machine Cover

The other night I posted a purse that I made, but knew that I hadn’t put the pieces quite right. I winged it enough to make it useful, but I loved the material and wanted to try again. I also used a different interface and it made a world of difference. It slightly less wide but about 3 inches deeper. The top is still smaller than I think theirs was on the video, but its big enough and much less chance of stuff falling out. I also made the straps just a little longer. It also feels much nicer with the different interface. I just love these colors. This was a “Stax” pack from Walmart if you liked it and want to look for it. I also lined it with regular material this time instead of the nylon-y “lining material” I used on the first one. While I like the feel of the other lining also, it was harder to use because it was so slippery. I think I’ll save that for smaller projects.

new purse1 new purse2


I’ve been needing to make a cover for my serger and have been delaying a bit because I was nervous about trying it. I watched a number of videos and some of them looked really awful. lol.  Debbie Shore has one that didn’t look too bad, so I decided to try that style. She uses stuff I’ve never heard of, however, so I had to improvise a little. If you notice, hers is very stiff and stands on its own easily. I used a batting that I had already. I did try quilting it in a pattern and that worked pretty well even if you don’t notice it as much with the busier pattern. I didn’t like how the top was put on and I struggled a LOT with that part. I think I’ll be taking part of that way of doing things and perhaps finding another way of adding the top to the base. I love the material I used. I’ve been saving it for just this purpose. I have enough to make matching covers for my embroidery machine, too. Pretty proud of my pockets and lace, though. 🙂

case2 case1


I have some pretty canvas pieces so I want to find a nice simple grocery bag type tote. Hmm.. maybe I can take apart one I have and copy the pieces and see how they made it. (ponders) Boy, I’m getting brave. LOL. I also have started thinking towards Christmas and finding some pretty material for projects I have in mind. I also have my embroidery machine set up again in its new location so I can add decorations to some of the things I make. Next… sit down with my serger class online and learn to actually use it. LOL

Ta for now!



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