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It’s been SEW busy!

It’s been a little since I posted last, but there has been no lack of things going on here! I’m going to be putting my bags and some of my other crafted items for sale in a local shop. I used to sell out of the store, but wanted to get out of what I was doing at the time and pulled my stuff. Now, I’ll be back in there with all new stuff for sale. September 19 is also the big town sidewalk sale and I want to have my stuff there before then and ready to go. I’m also going to be opening my online store, or more accurately re-opening, shortly and I wanted some of the new items to be in there as well.

First, is a batch of bags. The pictures show these bags laying flat, but if you want to see what they will look like once I put in the cord, a picture of this style bag is here. Tomorrow I’ll be making some more zipper pouches as well. I wanted at least two kinds of bags in various prints to get started. The space isn’t huge so I have to take care not to overdo things. Zippers have been giving me some issues, but hopefully after tomorrow I’ll have them down pat and will have a small stack of those as well.

dayofthedead bagsskullsandbowsyellow and red poucholaf bagselsa bagsminion pouchesminion bagslg hello kitty bagssmall hello kitty bagsheart decorations

Once those are done I’m going to be making some reversible place mat and napkin sets. They’ll be great for the holidays, but also good for year round on the other side. After those will be some smaller items I want to try and see how they do. I’m aiming to do more with my embroidery machine, but I want to get something “out there” for now, then I’ll start working on adding embroidery designs.

This last bag I made just for me. 🙂  I loved the material and just had to make a bag with it.

ladydeere bag1

Sew tomorrow, its back to the grindstone. I’m all pins and needles to see how they turn out. lol



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