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When I wasn’t sewing, I was………

Painting and Drawing!

Yep, it was a nice break in the evenings from bag making. These first two I need to explain about a little. I watch a LOT of tutes on You Tube about watercolor techniques, painting in general, cool things people do with paints, etc. One of the channels I love to watch is an artist named Sumiyo Toribe. Its so much fun to watch her create such cool paintings and I really like the styles. These two paintings were inspired by some things she does. I put watercolors on the paper then covered them with saran wrap. I was supposed to let it dry all night… coughs… but I’m impatient and tried drying it with a blow dryer. It wasn’t hugely effective. Next time I’ll suck it up and wait. (mutters). Still it came out pretty and interesting. I also painted the flower shapes randomly with frisket (masking fluid) before I started doing the background. I have a definite issue with overworking things though. On one hand I like these, but what I learned from them and about what I feel I’m doing wrong, but they didn’t come out like what was in my head.  I’ll try it again, but maybe try to use more restraint in regards to patience and coloring.

painting 2 painting 1

I think the bottom one I like a little better. It was supposed to be several small sprigs of flowers coming from the side. If you want to look at the videos that gave me the idea for trying this, they are here and here.

Next I wanted to try something a bit different. I’ve been trying to learn to be less heavy handed in my colors. Its hard to tell from my previous creations, but I love the pale, gently colored watercolors, Especially when combined with pen and inks. I took my time with this butterfly and, though its hard to tell from the picture, I gave it all a light brush with similarly colored opalescent paints. Then I tried doing something else I had seen and making it have a 3D effect. Its not entirely ineffective, but it would definitely take some more work. I love how the butterfly came out, though.watercolor butterfly 1 watercolor butterfly 2

Lastly, this was another experiment. I watched a video of using sharpie markers and 91% rubbing alcohol to make a watercolor looking effect on a scarf or bandanna. This was a mess. lol. By the time I was done coloring the patterns I was tired, so I went to bed. I didn’t do the alcohol till the next afternoon. I don’t know of that made the difference or not, but this did not work the way it was supposed to work. This was even messier and came out pretty hideously. I will NOT be trying this again. lol.

sharpie bandanna

So gosh, its been busy. I have a good bit more sewing to do and there are things to start getting done before winter sets in. Hope you enjoyed the posts and comment at will. 😉


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