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Last pile of bags…for now… phew!

Yep, that’s right! The last of this first batch of bags that I wanted to have done in time for next week. These are an assorted group. I wanted to have a little more diversity so these should add visual interest as well as give folks a few choices.

Last night I sat and put all the drawstrings and added all the beads and charms and zip tabs. I wanted each one to have just a touch of something blingy, so each bag has a pretty charm or some beads hanging from it. The small pouches have a little charm or bead attached to the end of the zipper. I want to get a little better clip for that, but this will work in the meantime.

I’ll pick some of them to put on my website (which is still in the works.. cough…) and you’ll get to see them then. Now to work on at least a few sets of place mats and matching napkins. I have until next Tuesday night to get them finished and get everything tagged for sale and make some new business cards. Once all this is done, I’m going to sit down with my serger class video and learn to use my serger. I’ve been watching some you tubes and it does more than I thought it did and it looks like fun.

So without further ado… the final batch…for now. lol Because there are so many, I’ve left them smaller, but you should be able to click on them to see them bigger.

kittyboxbag kittyminipouch kittyminizip olafminiori trianglekitty1 trianglekitty2 triangleolaf starzip




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