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The Sewing marathon is over!

I did it! I finished all the items I wanted to have ready for this Wednesday. Of course, the hubby has to work unexpectedly, so I won’t be able to get stuff down there until Thursday, but I still made my deadline. šŸ™‚ Here are the final items. I’m actually really proud of how they came out, especially the table runner which was my first pieced piece and came from my head. <bounces>

Pricing was a bit of a conundrum, though. I looked up on Etsy and looked at pages of stuff trying to get a ballpark average on prices. I was shocked at how much money people charge for stuff like this. However, when I added up what it cost me to make it just in materials alone, then figured out how long it took me to make them, I now get it. But the shop where they will be is not the kind of area that things priced like Etsy will sell. I think I came to a fair price, for me and for those buying them.

bird set flowers set pumpkin set table runner feather bag Taking a little break to figure out what my next little projects will be. I have some ideas and I want to work on some WIPs with my knitting since its fall already and it will be cold before I know it.



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