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Old Ladies, Bunnies and Caddies

Intrigued? hehe

This is the last of my little “found” experiments. While the exercise was fun, I don’t think its something I would do that often. It’s provides good practice at seeing things in random patterns, but I’m not certain I enhanced those things “found” or messed them up. I had a good time with it, though, and used them to try new techniques on each one. So that makes it worth the time. Maybe I’ll do more another time.

This first one actually came out the best of all the “designs”. I got pretty even mirror imaging, which is what I wanted to happen. These two looked like a couple of old ladies, with big noses and matching bows under their chins, just gossiping away.



This one was another single print and looked like two bunnies. Remember these are “found” images, so not always anatomically perfect. lol.


I made a couple more mug caddies. I’m still tweaking them, but these came out a little better than my first one. I do have a pattern for really nice ones, but if I do them this way, there is less time and materials (no batting or bias tape) involved and so I can keep the price down. I was thinking of perhaps making a couple for examples and then having a display of them not in mugs so they can pick their favorite patterns. They don’t use a lot of material so its also a good way to use up scraps from other projects. What do you guys think?

retrocaddy2 retrocaddy1 sneakercaddy2 sneakercaddy1So that’s the latest. Hubby is home with a bad cold and my throat is sore. I think mine is more allergies, but losing my voice right now and wondering…

Later all!




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