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Blue Jay and a change of plans

So first up is tonight’s painting. This is a Blue Jay on a branch. I referenced it from a picture of a Blue Jay that I found online. I left out the background, but I think I may go back in and add a simple one to set off the picture. If I do that I’ll repost this picture so you can see which you like better. πŸ™‚

blue jay

I’m finding that there are certain things I really like. I like to combine watercolor with pen and ink, which I figured I would since I love pen and ink washes. I also like highlights. I probably would have done well learning acrylic painting first, but I love watercolors and always wanted to do those. Still, I like the highlights I can get with a light touch of gel pen. I think it really brings it to life used sparingly. I made a copy of the pencil sketch of this drawing and want to also try a watercolor pencil version of it.

I think I’ve been making this harder than it really needed to be in some ways. Learning a new technique is great fun, but trying to replicate the effects others get with their painting styles is hard and rarely satisfying. I love my last two paintings and, while I used various techniques, I combined it with a more simple draw and paint that found my style a bit more. I love how this bird came out and am very happy with my watercolor blending.

The change of plans part of this post? Well , last night I posted a picture of the yarn I wanted to use for my Dragon Watcher’s Hood by Tiny Owl Knits. Turns out IΒ  can’t use it. It calls for Super Bulky yarn and my lovely alpaca is Worsted Weight. I think I may have some super bulky yarns, but it will take some digging to find it. Maybe this is a good excuse to buy a ball of yarn…..?Β  lol.

So TA for now!



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