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Blue Jay – Redux

So as I said in my last post, I’m doing the same picture different ways so that I have one major constant and can see how they differ or are the same, which I think I like better, which was easier/more relaxing. Here is tonight’s version. This is done with Derwent Watercolor pencils. Last nights was done with Grummbacher Watercolors. Both were done on Strathmore 40 series watercolor paper.

I enjoyed doing this one as much as the first one. It was very different using pencils. Mixing and blending is harder and I need a lot more practice with that. There is a you tube channel I like watching a lot. One of the channels I like watching is called The Mind of Watercolor. The guy (I forget his name off hand…blush) does a great job of showing different ways of doing watercolor, with different watercolor mediums and tips on drawing. One of the things he said while doing a watercolor pencil show (Derwent pencils) was that many people just view watercolor pencils as hard watercolors and use them to “paint” with the same way. But while they are water soluble, they are not the same and should be used with water to enhance the pencil look rather than wipe out their actual nature. I hope that made sense. He explains it better. LOL.

So this is done with watercolor pencil and the only water I used was a little bit on the initial base of grays and blues and a few strokes for effect at the very end. The rest is left to look as pencil looks. I think I did a far better job with the branch in the watercolor, though.

I’ll post both so you can compare. I do have one more way I want to try this painting so you’ll have to see it one more time. LOL

First up is tonights. Watercolor Pencil


Last nights.  Watercolor Paint

blue jay

So there they are. Tell me what you think!



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