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Blue Jays and Window Panes

HAH! Thought you were done having to look at blue jays, didn’t you?  😉  A couple people said they would like to see one with a background so here it is. This is the Derwent watercolor pencil version and the background was all one with the same pencils. I like how they look with it.



You get riding on a little artistic high and you decide to try something more challenging. The crash shortly follows. lol. This was a bit of a crash.  While there are some things I think aren’t too bad, some of it is a mess. The biggest mess being the bush in the front. Now I’ll tell you all a little secret. The bush is a cover-up. lol

What is under the bush is the most god-awful, disastrous mutant of a deer that you have even seen. I mean seriously…if Marvel had ever seen that deer it could have been featured in the next mutant movie. I tried doing some inking on it and that made it worse. I decided to try a big bush… a big dark bush. lol. So there it is… a big dark bush.

The picture is a combination of Derwent Watercolor pencils and Portfolio water soluble oil pastels. I really have to try using these more. Its only the second time I’ve tried using them. Its a small box, but the colors are so vibrant.




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