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Better late than never….fall leaves

I’ve been wanting to try doing more with my Portfolio Series water soluble oil pastels. I have NO clue what you really do with pastels, oil or otherwise, so this has a big learning curve. 🙂 Since they are so bright, I thought fall leaves would be a great picture to use. I like the colors, but the blending is a little rough. I used my water pens to blend and I think they may be too soft to really push around the heavier oil base. I also think they might have worked better on smoother paper. From what I’ve read hot pressed paper is smoother than the cold pressed, which is what I have. Next trip to Michael’s will include a small pad of hot pressed paper. 🙂

I’d also like to look for something that works better than the white gel pen. It’s really annoying when you try to put it on top of something. Maybe a liner brush and a little gouache? A pen would work better though. I’ll check Blicks.

This actually started out with the elegant writer outline and I still love that look, but it gets lost under the pastels. I think another set of leaves pictures coming on! lol.  It’s probably not as interesting for you, my dear readers, but I learned a lot doing that and comparing them all. These leaves are more abstract rather than botanical and that was intentional.

fall leaves pastels



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