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Final Fall Leaf

I simply was not going to give up on this leaf until I got one that I liked. This is the one. 🙂  I think I’m starting to develop a “style” if you can call it that. I know what I like looking at, I know the types of paintings that made me want to learn to watercolor, I know the paintings that make me smile and wonder if I will ever get a painting to look that good. After the last two leaves, I was feeling like why am I bothering. Not that they were utterly repulsive, but they weren’t what I wanted them to be.

This time I got out my watercolors, a bucket of water and a real paintbrush and started trying to get what was in my head onto the paper. I succeeded in several ways, but I still have trouble with certain things which frustrates me. The leaf is done with my Grumbacher Watercolors, the background is done with my Derwent Graphitint Watercolor pencils. It’s lined with a pigma micron and a little white gel pen for the highlights.

I really like the penciled backgrounds better than when I do a watercolor background. I feel like I have more control and I like the surprise of what I get. I also think its time to fill my rapidograph pens. I like them better than the microns. They are far more expensive than the microns, but I already have two sets, Koh-i-nor and Rotring. Don’t even price out the Rotrings unless you have lots of money to spend on pens. LOL. I got a full set at a flea market. They had never been cleaned. I spent 3 days and special solution getting those puppies clean as a whistle inside and out. So I got a large set of Rotrings for a few bucks and little elbow grease. Don’t you just love things like that?  The Koh-i-noors you can pick up more reasonably. If you find them on sale you can get a set for about $80. They got a good cleaning while I was doing the other ones. 🙂 Anyway, the microns are getting on my nerves so its time to break out the good pens.

I think the white pen might be a little stark. Maybe its time to try something like an ecru or cream gouache and a liner brush? What do you guys think?

I like this leaf. Not sure the veins were a good add or not, but I don’t think they are “bad”, either. So here’s to Fall!

fall leaf final


7 thoughts on “Final Fall Leaf

  1. wonderful leaf painting! I LOVE the way you did the background too!! here’s just a thought about media…. a soft pastel pencil, in white or light would work great. And they’re easy to soften and blend too if you need to.

  2. Nooooooooo! He shouts as he tries to stop it from touching the ground. For, when the final leaf doth fall, Jack Frost will unleash winter.

    Actually, there are a few stubborn trees that don’t shed leaves long after the snow falls here. And, it’s not a species thing.

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