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Happy New Year!….ahem….

Yes, I know I’m late. That’s the story of my life. 🙂  Still the sentiment is timeless, so…pffft!

I had plans to do a big year end wrap-up, but couldn’t find that information. Figures.

I had plans to post all the things I made for Christmas, but can’t find all the pictures. I found a few so those I’ll show you.

I had plans to show you all the goodies “I” got, but never got around to taking photos.

So what is the point of this post you ask? Well, the point of anything is rather fluid, so I’ll just muddle through and you get to slog along with me. Fair?

I had fun sewing for family this year. I have a 6 month old great-nephew who is the cutest thing going. Yes, I’m allowed to be biased. But honestly, he really IS adorable. 😉  I made him a couple of soft books. He gets the other one for his birthday even though it will still be a Christmas one, he won’t know the difference. lol.

k's book2 k's book1

His mom and dad just moved into an apt. in Florida where his dad is a fireman. So I made them a kitchen set for a nice homey touch.

nephews placemats dennis' placemat set

I made my sister and bil a kitchen set also, but can’t find a picture of that. mutters. I KNOW I took some, though. Everything is quilted and reversible as show in the top picture. Its all about the sun, sand and tropics for them, so I thought these materials were perfect.

Santa was wonderful to me and soon as I get my act together I’ll get some pictures up of just HOW wonderful.

So that’s it for this post. I’m going to put up another one in a few minutes with what’s going on here, what I’m going to try to accomplish this year regarding this blog, my art, etc. Also going to be asking for input from you, my lovely readers, so pay freaking attention!  <winks>



2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!….ahem….

  1. I did the same thing, forgot to take pictures of most everything I made. And now going to contact all my recipients and ask them to take pictures for me. I made some adorable aprons for the women folk in my family. They were a huge hit. I’ve been thinking of trying place mats. Yours look really cute.

    • Thanks Mommermom! The mats weren’t hard, but did use a fair bit of mats. I also used batting in them so that added to the mats. I haven’t tried aprons yet, although I did get some cute patterns for them. That’s a good idea about the pics. I think I’ll try the same thing. Thanks for the idea!

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