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Crash! GRRRR! Aha

So let’s start with the Crash!  Saturday night, the 16th, the hubster and I were in a car accident. Mangled the front left side of the van quite nicely. My man went to the hospital because he hit his head pretty good. I nailed my ribs but nothing was broken so I stayed with the van. We had it towed home so I could unload all the stuff out of it. (we had been running errands that day). Good news is that the hubster is fine; no concussion and just bruises. We were both really sore for about 3 days. A funny note to this is that the biggest dmg to my body is one that I did to myself trying to get into the tow truck. I couldn’t manage the huge step and fell. Gouged my leg on the corner and gave myself a huge dandy bruise on the side of my leg. Its still all kinds of pretty colors, but its getting there.

All this made it hard to sit at my computer for very long, though. I already have a bad neck and herniated disk in my back. This did not help it at all. I could barely move and couldn’t sit at my desk for too long.

The GRRRR! comes from dealing with insurance companies. We have older vans and don’t always carry collision, just comprehensive. We had just changed companies the day before. Yep, one day. I had comp and collision with the other company. Figures, right? Anyway, since it was the other driver’s fault, (she ran through a stop sign and bang!) I have to go through her insurance company. So of course, she was not the owner of the vehicle and they aren’t sure she even had permission to be driving that vehicle. They can’t get a hold of the owner OR the driver now. Yay. So what’s that mean? It means that my van is now sitting back down at the tow company (who is also a repair shop for most of the insurance companies around here) and its all under investigation till they decide if they are going to accept liability. Oh, brother. Til then the van doesn’t get fixed. Lovely, right?  Nothing like spending hours a day talking to more people than I can keep track of from both insurance companies, the tow company and the police dept. Yep. GRRRRR!

Oh a brighter note, I’ve decided that a re-branding is needed for my business. I’ve been using one name, but its just not been working for me asthetically(sp?)  anymore. It’s cte, but there are a lot of companies that are similar enough to it that even getting a website with my name has been difficult. It was also a bit hard to find graphics that compliment it or ways that I could expand on it. Hence my decision to rename and re-brand.  The new name of my business is Chickadee Junction. Chickadees are my favorite bird and I like the “villagey” feel to it. Graphically I can do so much with it. I haven’t found anyone else with that name and had no trouble getting it on Etsy, even. For expansion, I’ll eventually deal with it AS a type of little village and I can have the various crafts I make accessible via different “birdhouses” … like Cardinal Court or Blue Jay Way. I want to include little tid bits, hints and helps and they will be “Bird seeds of Wisdom”. I’m really sooooo excited about this. I’m working on my logo currently and starting to populate my Etsy shop. I will be expanding my social media presence as well by joining Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr to start with. Eventually, if things start selling I want to get my own hosted website where some of my ideas will be easier to put into place. I also want to look into Journal 52 or Zazzle for expanding the items that can be bought with my artwork on them. I’m my own worst enemy when it comes to things I make so this is a little scary, but if others can do it, so can I!

So. there you have it. I have another post to do about something else, but that will come in a little bit.  I wish I had some cutesy graphics to put in here, but not feeling very cutesy about any of the first two items, so just the facts. lol. I’ll put up my logo soon as I have it done. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Crash! GRRRR! Aha

  1. Sorry to hear about your accident! I was hit from behind last October. No vehicle damage and the other person’s fault but their insurance company doesn’t believe I could get a whiplash which is a bunch of horse patooy! At least I am covered on my insurance but it is still a headache trying to get my bills paid. So it isn’t easy no matter what – just saying! 😁 Falling can be so painful! Hope you feel better soon! Glad to hear your hubby is OK. 💐 I like your new name and ideas. Look forward to seeing the changes on your blog when you are feeling better! Take good care! 😃👍🌈

    • Thanks so much Jill. 😁 We’re doing much better now. I hope we have better luck with the insurance company. Thank goodness you were covered for the injury. What a mess it can all be. Thanks!

  2. Sorry to hear about your crash! Glad you are both okay though!
    Looking forward to seeing your logo and how your re-branded business progresses! Best of luck with it! I think it’s a lovely creative new name! 🙂

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