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Pressies and a sneak peak!

So this week I apparently have contracted the plague. Yep. Hubby had it and was over the worst of it in two days. I got it and am not into my 4th day and still feel like something the cat dragged in, ate, lost, and dragged out to the road where a manure truck ran over it. Isn’t that always the way? Sucks being sick on Valentine’s Day. But having the most wonderful hubby in the world makes it easier. He made it so nice, even though I was so miserable. It’s also my birthday in 10 days and I got to order my pressies early so I thought I would show you all the goodies I got this week.  🙂   So don’t get too close to me, I don’t want you to catch this plague, but come along with me!

For Valentine’s Day, my wonderful guy got me two new charms for the bracelet he got me for Christmas.   Not my best picture, but aren’t they cute?  valdaycharms

He also got me a beautiful set. valdayset  I didn’t do a great job taking pictures tonight, but considering how I feel I’m just glad they showed up at all. lol. I just love the necklace and earrings. He gave me the necklace early and we found the earrings to match it a couple days later and bought them for me. They match really well and look gorgeous on. I’m sooooo blessed!






xmaspresThe next bracelet is actually a belated Christmas pressie. 🙂 He had ordered it, but they were so popular that they sold out and we had to wait until they got more in. This came last week. They didn’t know when they would get more in, so he had bought me another bracelet. This one finally came and it looks so pretty with the other one I can easily wear them together. I love the colors on it and it also has a snowflake and an adorable candy cane.

He also got me a beautiful bouquet of long stemmed red roses. I love flowers. They are really nice and are opening so wide. He tells me they smell really pretty, but I can’t smell a thing right now. ::pouts:: I love looking at them, though. 🙂





Now for the birthday pressies. We always decide together on a dollar amount that we feel we can do without taking from anything else. Not very romantic to some but honestly it works the best for us. We used to do the list thing, but that would just get confusing for both of us since we were usually ordering things the other knew nothing about and there was always the “erg did I get this right” worry. We order our own and tell each other what we ordered and share that way now. Its easier for both of us. lol. We usually surprise each other with something little as well, but the main pressies are done this way.

rotary sharpenerThis is a rotary blade sharpener. With all the sewing I’m doing, and how expensive replacing the rotary blades can get, I felt this would be a huge help and savings for me. Gosh, there are a lot of them out there, though. It was tempting to just look at what the “big” online sewers are using or recommending, but if you also add in reviews of people who have actually bought those particular items, you quickly realize that you’d better do your own research. The cheapest ones, and yes, they are also popular, although I suspect that’s more because of the cheaper price, are those ones you twist manually back and forth after you put the blade into it. Fine as far as they go, but its not a sharpening stone in those, it’s a little piece of sandpaper. So what you save in blades, you’ll have to spend buying replacement sandpaper for them. Not really a savings anymore. The other end of the spectrum are ones that are $45-$60. Yes, they have a sharpening stone, but they are electric and you still have to take the blade in and out. I’m a total klutz and I never do ANYTHING without some kind of injury, so that’s something to consider. Also, I had no intention of spending that much money on a sharpening meant to SAVE me money. They also don’t all do every size, so you end up having to buy another one for one of the size blades. Plus, I tend to like things that do not rely on electricity at times.

Finally. I found this one. It had pretty good reviews and was a much more reasonable amount of money. You do not have to take out the blades and it does any size rotary cutter blade; 28, 45 or 60mm. It also is a sharpening blade, not sandpaper. I’m hoping it works well for me. It works more like the scissor sharpeners and I’ve done fine with those.


truegripsBecause I have trouble with my hands hurting sometimes, it can be hard for me to hold down the longer rulers when I’m cutting material. It slides and then I end up with a crooked line. These go onto the bottom of your acrylic templates, can see through them so they aren’t in the way, and keep it from sliding. I have high hopes for these helping me make much better cuts.








book1 book2I’m excited about these two books. I follow these guys on you tube and they’re great instructors and successful artists in their own rights. I love their lessons and decided to get their books. You can find them at Alphonso Dunn and Mark Crilley.  I highly recommend their channels. I’m excited to feel better and start working my way through these.







I also was going to order a set of Derwent  Inktense pencils and I forgot to do it. LOLOL. That will get done later. We had some vet bills come in higher than we were expecting and so I’ll get them at a later time. That’s ok. I have my blocks and they are gorgeous. 🙂

tab1tab2Now these next two items were not birthday pressies but replacement items. My tablet, which I use constantly, was having some issues, not charging right and had a spot under that glass that was slowly growing. It was time to replace it. Here was my choice. Good price, but not really as fast in some things as I was hoping. It seems a little slow loading pictures when I’m on wordpress or you tube at times. Still pretty nice so far. I think I picked pretty well. It also had very good reviews on a lot of different sites and was one of the ones on the 2015 best tablets from 2015 from one of the big computer sites.

The second is the cover I got for it. Not impressed with the cover though. I don’t think its going to hold up for long and doesn’t fit it as nicely as it should even though this one is made for this model tablet.





nestneckNow for the SNEAK PEAK!!!!!!

I will be adding some of these bird’s next necklaces to my Etsy shop, Chickadee Junction. I will be selling them as pendants instead of necklaces so you can add the chain or cord of your choice. The price on these will be $12.00 each. Each one has three little “eggs” and they will be in various colors.

I hope you like them and will stop buy and get this little reminder of spring and new life for your own or someone you care about!


That’s it for now. When I feel better there will be some artwork  posted as well, but I haven’t been able to even hold my head up for more than an hour at a time so haven’t been doing any drawing or painting.  Thanks if you made it this far in the post! 🙂



4 thoughts on “Pressies and a sneak peak!

    • Thanks so much , Sharon. He is the love and wonder of my life, to be sure. I was hoping I wasn’t going to bore everyone to death with ramblings. Lol. Sometimes ya just gotta share. 😄

    • Thanks, Hayley! I sure hope you’re right. I still have a lot to do, and figure out, with the shop. I have a couple ideas I’m going to look into soon as I can see straight again. Lol

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