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A rose by any other name….

I really wanted to work on drawing roses and getting a better handle on how to draw/paint my fav flower.  I’ve also been reading/watching a lot of advice from other artists about giving yourself permission to suck when you draw. Not that you set out that way, but its important to do simple drawings with no other agenda than to just learn and have fun. If it doesn’t work out, that’s ok, do another one and try something else. Too many people, and I’m one of them, sit down to do “finished projects”. I SAY its ok if its not perfect, but inside I get down on myself that it isn’t right. It makes it hard to sit down and do another drawing, no matter how much I want to. One way to help with this is to do “studies.” Pick something…a feather, a bird foot…a flower… and just draw them. Look them up online or in books to learn the anatomy of a foot, for instance. Know why you have too many knuckles in the toes. Know why your flower looks like a drug-induced attack plant. And while you do this, play with your materials. Try different types of paper for different types of media. Try it with watercolor graphites instead of paint. Use markers. Use a combination of everything you have. Have fun.

This rose was my beginning of that. I love roses. Love, love, love them. Love their smell, the velvety feel of the petals, the gorgeous colors. Love them. I thought a nice full rose would be a good start.

This was drawn on bristol board (which I’ve decided I do NOT like for watercolor at all, pencil or paint. I love it for pen and ink, though) and was drawn and colored using my Derwent Graphitint Pencils. I used water to play with the way the pencils looked. I used a Prismacolor white pencil to add some softer highlights to the edges of the leaves and the body of the petals in certain places. Finally, I used just a little bit of white gel pen for a few extra highlights. It was outlined with my new fav pen, Uniball Deluxe. Great pen, writes on anything, solid black, archival quality and waterproof. I have to saw that I really like how it came out. Enjoy!



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