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Cross Body Bag…southwestern style

I saw a picture of this bag and just loved how it looked. The first one I used batting instead of interface and it came out ok, but was really just to bulky. This one has the right interfacing and I love how it turned out. Future bags will have either more solid outer material, or a little square of solid material in the corner so I can add some pretty embroidery or some painted designs to them. I did that on the first one and I did like how it looked. I’ll play it by ear and it will depend on the material I use. I like to mix things up. 🙂 The lining is a blue and white ticking. I loved how it looked inside. I’ll be making these to sell in my shop, Chickadee Junction, as well.

crossbodybag1 crossbodybag2 crossbodybag3 crossbodybag4



2 thoughts on “Cross Body Bag…southwestern style

    • Thanks Sharon. I found 2 yards of it in a little store and just had to get it. I want to add some beads or charms or something to bring it up a bit, I think. 😀

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