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Inked Tiles and new Derwents!

I had even more fun today. Aside from making that new purse, I tried out a process I saw on you tube and loved. It uses alcohol inks, (I have adirondacks), the stamper from Tim Holtz and some tiles I had laying around. Oh my goodness, I LOVE how they came out. Even the hubby liked them a lot. Course now I need to decide what I’m going to do with this sized tiles. I think the bigger ones could be pretty magnets. Not really big enough for coasters, though. The small ones I haven’t decided yet. I was thinking about trying to wire wrap them and make them pendants for a necklace. What do you guys think?



I also did a little drawing a few days back. It started out a drawing with the Elegant Writer, but as I worked on it more, the runny ink look was covered up by my pencils. I still like it even though it wasn’t what was in my head. A happy accident that I still like. 🙂 Oh and this was done on watercolor paper with Derwent watercolor pencils.


And look what my mail lady brought today!


I ordered the 36 because I couldn’t really afford the 72, but this has more than enough colors for me to have tons of fun and I can always buy ones that I miss from open stock. I can’t wait to start doing more of the fabric painting. I’m totally smitten with how it looks and want to use my sewing and painting together to make beautiful items.

Just a little 3 post catch-up. lol. I may not get one out every day, but I make up for it when I do, eh? lol




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