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Mixed Media Cherry Blossoms

EVERYONE seems to be doing mixed media. I suppose I could claim to do mixed media since I sometimes combine watercolors and watercolor pencils, but that’s sort of a fine line distinction. But this one… this can officially be called mixed media! 🙂

I saw something on You Tube using hot glue and thought it looked really cool and like lots of fun. I was too lazy to go find glue sticks, however, and so I tried using something else. I vaguely remembered seeing something years ago about someone who does sculptures and uses tape. On reflection I think they used some other kind of tape, but I used what was near at hand. This took several nights of adding a little here, a little there, trying various things. I can’t say it turned out like I envisioned it originally, or even how I hoped it would while I was doing it, but there is something I kind of like about it. Maybe because its my first try at true mixed media creation. Maybe it was just the fun I had “winging it” on what I tried. Whatever the reason, I think I’ll keep it instead of donating it to the circular bin. 🙂



5 thoughts on “Mixed Media Cherry Blossoms

    • Thanks Jill! I don’t usually do “wing it just for the fun of it” type of stuff and I’d like to do more if that. It was very freeing and a lot of fun. 😀😵😱

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