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Long time no see and BOOM!

I know its been a little since my last post. Its been SO busy here that I just had to let some things slide while I got other things tended. This past weekend was our first show of the summer. I wasn’t sure how it would go, but it was the best show I’ve ever been to. Not only were sales good, but we (the sweetie and I) had a great time as well. First let me tell you a bit about the show. It was called WWII Weekend.  I urge you to take a gander at the link.

The event was the first of its kind up here and they expected a reasonable turnout. What they got, however, was a deluge. It was so packed that the sheriff almost cut off the parking until some left. The road was packed with the line of traffic waiting to get in. People stayed all day for all the demos and re-enactments. There were antique planes, tanks, half-tracks, jeeps and, or course, the folks all in costume wandering around and exhibits set up to show you what it would have been like during the war in the field. Keeping it all moving was the Comm Shack with the radio announcer from the Armed Forces Radio Network who spun big band and hits from the ’40’s all weekend, gave tips to the soldiers and ran the infamous Burma Shave commercials, which absolutely cracked me up.

I loved, big surprise here, all the mortar, flamethrower and tank demonstrations. I’m a sucker for things that go BOOM! and shoot fire. 🙂 When the tanks had a flamethrower battle I was really in my glory. LOL. I took a lot of pictures which will be below this post.

I also took a few pics of our table set up at the event. I’ve been working hard on getting things finished off and packed and ready to roll. I have things I wanted to take, but which weren’t finished in time. They will be for our next show in June, which will be the 2016 40th Yankee Engine-uity Show.  This show is a lot of fun and we will probably camp there for the weekend now that we have a truck that will pull the camper. 🙂  Its not far from home, but its a little bit of “away” for a weekend.

So now for the pics. This is our table set up. It was a bit cloudy and very windy so the pics aren’t really sunny looking.

wwiitable1 wwiitable2 wwiitable3The handsome guy in the green tank shirt on the right side is my famous “Sweetie”. He’s the best.

Now for the pics from the show.

the general

This is the General. He was awesome to talk to and a big fav of the visitors.




Comm Shack


“Babs”. Our Sherman Tank


Backpack Flamethrower Demo. Even from this distance you could feel your face burning.


Backpack Flamethrower Demo


Backpack Flamethrower Demo


German Panzer


German Panzer. The guy on top was amazing to talk with. He had so much information about everything German Tank related and so into it. He was one of the best I talked with all weekend.


“Babs” again. A real fav. There was also a smaller tank called Nasty Girl that I missed getting a shot of. They were both ours and Nasty Girl really opened up the whoopass on the battlefield demo.


I forget the name of this one. I think this was another type of Panzer.


This was one of ours I think. It was tooling around a lot but I don’t recall the specifics of it. My husband would know and I’ll update the info.


German Panzer

tank1 tank4






We had a ball and can’t wait for next year. We were one of about 4 vendors who were not food and not army surplus type stuff. They were limiting it to see how it went. I cannot wait till next year.

So now you know what I’ve been up to. I have a lot to make between now and the next show. I payed close attention to what sold and what customers were saying to each other and have a plan for this next show so I’ll be busy “making” again. I’ll try to keep up with whats going on better than I did the last few weeks. Forgive me! 😉

And remember…  If your girl doesn’t kiss you like she uster….. maybe she’s found a smoother rooster. Burma Shave.   lolol

Ta for now!


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