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I promise I’m trying…

to keep up and get more active online again!  Really!  I am!

Packing is horrible. I mean, horrible and overwhelming. 13 years of stuff to go through. Add to that the fact that my sweetie and I are both “keepers” and you can well imagine the horror. lol. There is always going to be a use for that little item, or this little doodad, or that little something or other and sure as shootin’ the day after we get rid of it we will need it. Yes, we are those people. hehe. Now that doesn’t mean we hang on to EVERYthing, but anything that can be used in a craft, or a building project or the garden/yard… yep.  Still we have to unload a lot of stuff and I’m trying to pick corners and areas of the house to concentrate on at a time. So I spend hours going through stuff and making my “piles”.

There is the KEEP pile, of course. I’m trying to be sure that is the smallest one at the end.

There is the TOSS IT pile. I’m trying to make that the biggest one.

There is the FREE pile. That’s the one that goes out to the curb because people will take it for free and I don’t have to pay to haul it off.

Lastly there is the DONATE pile. I try to make sure that one has the better stuff in it. It goes to Salvation Army or the local Animal Shelter. They have yard sales all summer long to help with costs of the shelter.

It’s very hard to let go of things. I’ve been carting around stuff that I’ve had since I was a kid/teenager and haven’t looked almost since then. I mean, really????  OI! OUT! So far I’m pretty proud of myself. I mean we will always have a lot of stuff but at least its all good practical stuff and not stuff we didn’t even know we had or haven’t looked at in 30 years.

I haven’t done ANY drawing or painting and I’m missing it, but I have done some sewing. I want to finish with making some things that I need/already started before I put my machines away. I made myself a pretty little skirt, which I’ll take a pic of tomorrow and post. I made some headbands, because I’m trying to let my hair grow out a bit but cannot stand it in my face when its hot.

I also made some pillows. I couldn’t resist Minnie Mouse in pink flannel. I have one more to make and I’ll take a pic of that and show you when its done. Two are for my car. I saw something on Amazon and loved it but they were expensive. I knew I could make them so I did. I forgot to take pictures, but they have pink grosgrain ribbon with white polka dots in a bow tied around the middle so that the whole pillow looks like a bow.


Here they are in their final home. I love how cute they look.

pillows in place

The last one will be set up the same way but on my scooter. BUT… I was in Walmart and they had gotten in a new fabric that was black with red Minnie Mouses and red polka dots. My scooter is red and black.. well, you know what that means! Yep, I bought a yard and a half to make another pillow and a piece for a bandanna. :)))

Another unfinished project was a pair of white deck sneakers. Just simple white slip-ons. I wanted them pink and sparkly because.. well, why not? I had one halfway done so I’ve been working on them. I would never use this glitter stuff I used again though. What a pain in the butt and three thick coats later, this is as good as they are going to be.  I like them, but sheesh, what a mess.


So that’s it for me for now. Packing, holding yard sales, going through stuff, and trying to fit in some crafts so I don’t entirely lose my what’s left of my mind. Yep, busy summer. What all have you been up to this summer?








3 thoughts on “I promise I’m trying…

  1. I can relate to your post — I’m one of those people too. Thankfully we are not moving, so I can just shuffle the stuff around for a little while longer! Going through it is on my to-do list!

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