Woohoo!!!! No job offer!

ok, yes, I know that’s a wierd thing to be happy about. I sure never thought I would hear myself say those words. lol.

As some of you know, those who read my posts, <winks> my sweetie’s job ends on Dec. 31. They are selling off his building and the product they make there. (He works in the biotech industry). It was up for sale, but no way of knowing if it was going to sell or not. Either way he was going to be out of work. It sold and the company who bought it was going to keep some of the people who work there but not all.

Now what you have to understand about this is…we have been wanting to move out of Massachusetts and head to Texas where my family lives. Holding us back? Our house and his job. The house is still up in the air, but when he got this news about the job, and then found out about the retention bonus AND the severance pkg, we saw this as God’s way of getting us where we want to be.

If he stayed through the sale process, he would get a retention bonus. He did that so he gets the bonus (40% of a years salary). If he did not get offered a job with the new company, he will get a severance pkg. There has been some scuttlebutt on this, that it was improved from what was originally stated, and we’re hoping that’s the case, but even if its just what they said initially, it will mean that paying off debts and moving is a very doable thing! yay!

Today the word came down.. he did not get offered a job. YAY! lol. See? Sounds wierd, but in this instance its a real answer to prayer.  I called my sister to let her know and she is thrilled. We can’t wait to be down there with her and my bil. We miss them a lot.

So that’s all I have for today. I made another skirt, a little more Christmas-y. I’ll get piccies of that tomorrow. I have one more thing I want to sew, a small pillow, then I can pack up all my machines. My materials are all packed already except for the few pieces I needed for last projects. Then I have a couple things I want to make for special friends for Christmas pressies, and in this case, little goodbye-don’t-forget-me pressies.

Talk to you all again soon!


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