Making and Packing

Hiya all. Just a little update on what’s been going on here. On the work front, Wednesday the sweetie finds out exactly what his severance package will be. We’re hoping the scuttlebutt was correct and they improved it, specially since they didn’t have to do it for everyone. It wasn’t bad before either, but every little bit more is a huge help.

Packing has slowed down for several reasons, not least of which is that its hard to keep packing when you don’t have anywhere to put the boxes. Small house. Lots of stuff. LOL. Still trying to get rid of some of it and that will pick up again once we have room to go through things again. Still making decisions regarding what furniture we’re taking, but I think most of it will not go with us. A few items, but most we’ll probably take to the auction and get whatever we can for them. Most of it came from yard sales and flea markets and I redid, so whatever we get it won’t be a loss. hehe.

Chore for tomorrow: make LOTS of calls to get prices on moving options. What a job that is…trying to figure out how to get moved without spending a fortune. Wish me luck! 🙂

Finally, I’ve been doing some sewing and crafting again. I actually have an FO. I started these mittens last winter and never got them finished. the pictures (sorry my capital t doesn’t work. I spilled stew on my keyboard)  didn’t come out all that well, but I just love the mittens. Picture 2 is closest to the right color. the outside is 100% peruvian wool in a deep burgundy and the inside is 100% baby alpaca in a pumpkin color. Both came from Knit Picks.  You basically knit 4 mittens then tuck the pumpkin one inside the outer shell. It’s pretty clever really and they are soooo soft and warm.

mittens1 mittens2I now have another skirt. I made this one for the Christmas season. I found this material and it was so pretty, yet because its a plaid look, I don’t have to wear it just at the holidays. It will all depend on the shirt I pair it with. Sweetie and I went to a favorite restaurant for thanksgiving since its just the two of us and I wore this with a black shirt and the blingy necklace and my tiara that he got me a couple weeks ago. I was a hit and got SO many compliments on how pretty they looked. <beams> Again this picture is a bit color wonky so I will post a small pillow I made with a piece of it for my scooter, also. In that one, the color is more accurate.


I have pretty gold sparkly ribbon that will make a bow around it like I did in the next two pictures. this cover is actually reversible and on the other side is the fall version. third is my Minnie Mouse pillow. If you’re wondering what these are for, they are for my scooter. When we go to the movies I have to use my scooter since they put in all new seats and they’re so bad on my back I can’t even sit through a movie without being just about in tears and useless for the rest of the day. So I made these little pillows to put behind my neck so its a little easier on my neck. I also made bags for my basket that are reversible and made with the same materials. My scooter is red and black, btw.

fall-pillowmickey-pillowNow I might have another post. I turned off the FB setting for this one, so if that works I’ll post another item I made. It’s a Christmas pressie and I know the person sees my FB although I don’t think she keeps up with my blog. I hope! LOL.  I really want to show it to you all. I’m actually really happy with it. We’ll see how this posts.

For now.. bye all!


Woohoo!!!! No job offer!

ok, yes, I know that’s a wierd thing to be happy about. I sure never thought I would hear myself say those words. lol.

As some of you know, those who read my posts, <winks> my sweetie’s job ends on Dec. 31. They are selling off his building and the product they make there. (He works in the biotech industry). It was up for sale, but no way of knowing if it was going to sell or not. Either way he was going to be out of work. It sold and the company who bought it was going to keep some of the people who work there but not all.

Now what you have to understand about this is…we have been wanting to move out of Massachusetts and head to Texas where my family lives. Holding us back? Our house and his job. The house is still up in the air, but when he got this news about the job, and then found out about the retention bonus AND the severance pkg, we saw this as God’s way of getting us where we want to be.

If he stayed through the sale process, he would get a retention bonus. He did that so he gets the bonus (40% of a years salary). If he did not get offered a job with the new company, he will get a severance pkg. There has been some scuttlebutt on this, that it was improved from what was originally stated, and we’re hoping that’s the case, but even if its just what they said initially, it will mean that paying off debts and moving is a very doable thing! yay!

Today the word came down.. he did not get offered a job. YAY! lol. See? Sounds wierd, but in this instance its a real answer to prayer.  I called my sister to let her know and she is thrilled. We can’t wait to be down there with her and my bil. We miss them a lot.

So that’s all I have for today. I made another skirt, a little more Christmas-y. I’ll get piccies of that tomorrow. I have one more thing I want to sew, a small pillow, then I can pack up all my machines. My materials are all packed already except for the few pieces I needed for last projects. Then I have a couple things I want to make for special friends for Christmas pressies, and in this case, little goodbye-don’t-forget-me pressies.

Talk to you all again soon!

What’s New Pussycat, woooo woooo wooooo, woo, woo

Quickie update on what’s going on here. Still waiting to find out details of severance packages and such, so things are still up in the air. It is so frustrating to not be able to plan too much when there is so much TO plan. OI! We’re hoping to know more sometime this week. Pray that we get good news. We need it right about now. 🙂

In the meantime, I wanted to get a little sewing done before packing everything away. My materials are all packed except for a few things I wanted to get done. I really wanted a skirt for fall/winter and a new bag for my scooter for fall/winter. I made the skirt yesterday. I’m going to talk to a friend of mine and see if she thinks it might be a nice touch to do a small slit in each side to let the bottom flair a bit more than it does. I’ve been noticing that maxi skirts are back and very popular so I made this one long. Another thing to ask her…how she thinks it looks on me. I know she will tell me yay or nay on it gently. lol.

The material is one that I wouldn’t have really looked that close at on my own, but she found it and the more I looked closely at it, the more I liked it.  I have shirts in all the colors in the skirt pattern and love the jewel tones for this time of year. I’ll have plenty to wear with it.

fall-skirt-material fall-skirt

I like to watch You Tube… a lot.  One of the ones I follow and enjoy is Lindsay Weirich (sp?) on The Frugal Crafter. She does tons of crafty things which includes a lot of watercolor painting tutorials. She also does a lot of review of products. Most just compare if THEY like it or not, but she will tell you flat out if she doesn’t like it and why from a professional artists’ standpoint, but also how she rates it for a beginner’s standpoint. Many art supplies are good starting points for those who cannot afford very expensive supplies just to learn with and she isn’t snooty or condescending about those things. She will also tell you if they aren’t even worth buying as a beginner if you haven’t already. Even THEN she will say, “if you have these, by all means use them while you learn. Its better to make art with any supplies than to not make art at all.”  I really like that about her.

She also will get good deals from art supply companies for her viewers, although she will only link those if she truly likes them or thinks its a good deal.  Anyway, after watching one of her videos using  a brand  I know she, and many others, really like, she told us about a “super sale” going on at Blick’s for that item. Super sales are short term special sales on particular items. It was on the watercolors I’ve been wanting to get. These are artist grade, not student grade and I love the colors. So I got it on the Super Sale and I’m really excited to have been able to get them.



These next pictures are of a really gorgeous (my pictures don’t do it justice) necklace my friend made me. This is the same friend from above skirt story. She does beautiful sewing and glass and bead work. The center is one of my small 1×1 tiles that I made with alcohol inks. I was stunned when she gave it to me. I had never seen anything like this before. It is actually a little netted bag made with the beads that the tile sits in then is drawn tightly around it.  Its made with mostly little seed beads and ones a little bigger on the side. (I don’t do this kind of beading so don’t know the names of all the different sizes of beads.) I absolutely love it and was blown away by how delicate and beautiful it is.

beaded-tile1 beaded-tile2

I truly have the most wonderful husband on the planet. Things have been really hard with our lives up in the air right now. I’m not a good handler of change or “floating” so its been very stressful. He was in the mall yesterday and stopped at one of those little boutique stores to get something pretty for me. Here is what he brought me.  I love hats. Always have. I love the little “tiny hats” that are so popular right now. I have a few in different colors, but he found this really dressy one. It is beautiful black satin with a satin bow and black lace. For those of you old enough, think of those little pill box hats from the 50’s with the lace hanging down. I LOVE those.  This is a tiny hat version. By the way, I also think this is the first time I’ve ever posted pictures of myself here. I tend to be a little (lot) camera shy because of my size. I had to show these off, though.  Hmm… I’ll try to grab a better picture of the hat itself tomorrow. I meant to do that but forgot.

little-black-hatHe also brought home something really beautiful and really cool. What you have to understand is that i have always been a sort of tom boy. I was never into fru-fru girly things….until menopause. LOL. Yes, I blame menopause. Suddenly I’m a pink loving, fru-fru wearing girly girl. The hubby is loving it, btw. LOL. So he brought me home a really pretty, sparkly necklace, and are you ready for this? A TIARA!  He said that I’m his beautiful Queen and should have a sparkly Tiara to wear with my sparkly necklace. giggles. I mean, have you ever heard something so sweet?  I really adore this man and he is so much better to me than I deserve. So here they are. These pictures don’t show off the sparkle the way I would have liked, but they were the best I could get. He spent almost an hour in the store picking out just the right ones that he thought I would like, since there were lots to choose from. Sighs happily. He makes me feel like the best woman in the world….and the luckiest.

tiaraandneck neck-closeup      tiara-closeupTomorrow I hope to get a little more sewing done, then I can finish packing all that stuff up and get to work on a few polymer clay and jewelry things I want to make for some friends for Christmas. Its been hard to get much done the last couple of weeks. I threw out my hip again and set off the pinched nerve so I haven’t been able to do very much at all.  I really think stress is taking a toll on both of us right now and being in this much pain has not made things easier since we also have to do winterizing things. I think we’re going to be here most of the winter at least, so we cannot just ignore the winterizing. Sweetie has been patching some little holes he found on the roof around the flashing of the chimney and a few other places. The ice storm of two winters ago really did a number on a couple places on the roof. The chimney sweep has been here, too, so we have heat. Just in time for all these nights in the 20’s. sheesh!  Wood is delivered and I pray we have enough. I always worry about that, tho. lol.

Packing continues, although its slowed down because we really don’t have a lot of room in the house for the boxes and needed to get that patching done before putting them in certain places in the garage. Course with the boxes in there, the garage isn’t getting gone through as much as we had wanted before the cold arrived. Still, if nothing else, we are going through things and getting rid of a lot of extraneous things. I really want to simplify and organize things better in the future and getting rid of some things has been a start on that.

I’ll try to get pictures done tomorrow, assuming I get the sewing done. LOL.   Talk to you again soon!


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