Applause! Applause! Award, that is…

So as I mentioned in my last post, I got to do some shopping at Knit Picks. So what’s with the title of this post? Well, my husband earns applause awards at work for various accomplishments, ideas or safety issues that get fixed, etc. He’s smart and gets quite a few of them. ::beams proudly::  We sometimes use them to get a gift card to our fav restaurants, or something we need/want from amazon or whatever store we get the card for. Sometimes he saves it up and buys a new tool, etc.

During October, I began the process of refinancing our house to take advantage of the better interest rates. There was a LOT of phone calls, finding paperwork, getting hold of various people and agencies and so forth. Last Wedsnesday we had our closing. We did pretty well and will be saving quite a lot each month. For going through the process with this company, it was Quicken Loans, we received a gift card. The Sweety said I could have it all to myself and that it was my applause award for doing all the work on the loan stuff.

Well…after I got done jumping up and down I went to Knit Picks and spent 3 days pouring over what I wanted to treat myself to. Here are my selections.

This first one is one of their yarns that I haven’t bought because its a bit pricier than I would usually spend on myself for a yarn. I’ve been wanting to try it, though, and saw a colorway I just HAD to have. I will say that while its very pretty and I can’t wait to use it, I do think the picture makes it look just a little prettier. I still really like it though. There is a pink that runs through it that I think is just a little too pink for a fall colorway. It does feel as luscious as I thought it would. This is called Hayride.

hayride yarn

Next was another yarn type I’ve been wanting to try. I love their Wool of the Andes yarns and this is another type of that brand. This is their Andean Treasure Yarn, called Mesa Heather, and is 100% baby alpaca. (waits for the ooooohs to die out). I know, right? I got really lucky in that this color was also on sale. Luckily I love these sorts of colors. ;)  The yarn is a little darker than the picture shows, but in my opinion, only makes it look richer and more pretty. I got two balls of this because I already have plans for it.

mesa yarn

Next was a beautiful sock yarn in superwash merino and donegal tweed. I’ve been wanting to try this also. (notice a theme?) I just loved the color and can’t wait to make a pair of socks out of it. The picture didn’t do this justice. It’s even prettier in real life. I got two balls of this. This is out of their Stroll Tweed yarn collection. This color is Autumn Heather.

stroll tweed

Lastly, for the yarn, I bought two balls of the Wool of the Andes sport weight yarn in Hollyberry. It’s 100% Peruvian wool and feels as soft and gushy in your hands as its heavier weight worsted and bulky cousins. The color is rich and gorgeous. This is for the same project as the Mesa Heather.

hollyberry yarn

Now I know you are waiting with baited breath to see what the project for two of these yarns are going to be use for, aren’t you?  lol. I live in a very cold and snowy area of our great country and they’re calling for a bitter and long winter. I wanted a really amazing pair of mittens because my hands are always cold.  This pattern was also from Knit Picks and I’m hoping I can actually do it, but the directions don’t look too bad. I know they aren’t as “fancy” a pattern as some of your wonderful folks can manage, but they will be good for me. Now… the outside will be the gorgeous Hollyberry and the inner lining will be the Mesa Heather alpaca. I’m gonna have the warmest hands ever! :) I want to get some really pretty vintage buttons and put them down the middle on the outside to dress them up a bit. If I make them again I can always do them multicolor or dress up the stitch pattern a little. I like how they look this way, though, too.

double mittens

I also bought 3 new sets of dpns. You really get what you pay for when it comes to the bamboo needles. It shows up when you are using the little ones. They break soooo easily. So much for thinking all bamboo needles were the same. Now I have nice metal ones. I like knit picks needles so I got those.

So how did I do? :)))

It’s like Christmas came early this year!

So want to see what my pressies were? You know you do!  ;)

First, hubby bought me this set. Honestly, we did not intend to do this when we woke up and we never watch shopping channels, but HSN happened to be on while eating breakfast and we watched it because we couldn’t locate the remote control. lol.

Then this came on.

singer duo

Hubby said, you need that, hon! lol. I have a Singer industrial machine. It does like 5 stitches, but it will go through anything. This machine has 32 stitches. I can do pretty stitches on things now! The serger…well, I’ve never used one, although I certainlyh appreciate its capabilities. I’m assured there will be a learning curve, but hoping to take a class at JoAnn’s Fabrics to avoid at least a few mistakes. :)

Our 29th anniversary was Oct. 12 and look what hubster got for me. It’s sterling silver with amethysts (my birthstone) and a dendrite opal. It looks gorgeous on! bounces!


Also got to do a shopping trip at Knit Picks. I’ll tell that story in another post soon and show you what I got. ;)

Bye for now!

5 reasons knitting is good for you – BT

5 reasons knitting is good for you – BT.


This is a great article. Knitting really helped me when menopause started to kick in. I started getting panic terrible anxiety attacks and this helped me to calm down and refocus. It helped me not to cling to the ceiling by my fingernails on two of my husband’s surgeries while I waited. And even now, when I’m just having a “day” it will help to get me out of my own way and settle down. PLUS, I love doing it. Win/Win! :)