A Shocking Realization…

I really don’t like gardening very much.   ::waits for the gasps to die down and all the vapors to fade away::



I know. To be honest it came as a shock to me, too.  All the years longing for a yard to garden in, my big veggie gardens I was going to have, my edible landscape ideas….  sighs.

Now don’t misunderstand. I LOVE the idea of gardening and I really do love getting some new perennial so I can watch it come up year after year, but I can’t honestly say I like doing the planting. I’m just not one of those people who love to be in the dirt, who love the smell of dirt under their hands, who can spend hours puttering around in their gardens. Thing is.. I thought I WAS one of those people!

This does not, however, mean I do not garden. I do. I do it because I love having certain veggies fresh at hand. I’ve also realized that the idea of having a garden with many different things is not something I’m good at, nor, after doing that the first two years, something I really feel I need. Hubster and I are just not huge experimenters when it comes to food. We like it simple and recognizable.

For instance, I grow tomatoes for the sweetie. Enough for him to snack on throughout the summer. I don’t like raw tomatoes, so I just plant enough for him. I love fresh snowpeas and wax beans, though. I like fresh carrots, but in all the years of trying various methods, I have yet to get my carrots to grow bigger than a nub. Sad, but true. I love watermelon and have only tried them a couple times and only got a couple small ones from all those huge, ground-eating vines. Someday I’ll have an arbor and will try my hand at grapes, which we love.

So while I will put in a garden again this year, although I’m going to have to learn to garden vertically because of a back injury over the winter, I won’t feel so guilty about knowing that I’ll be glad when its all over and in and I can be done with it.

I want perennial vegetables!

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A few winter pictures

It may be August before this is all gone. lol. Here area few pictures of the snow and my snow girls.  Baby (the black one) was being particularly photogenic this day. She usually is hard to get good shots of because she moves so fast. :) Rosey wasn’t in the picture taking mood. hehe

march1 - 2014 march2 - 2014 march3 - 2014 march4 - 2014

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My Olympic Project

lake ice hood2lake ice hoodI’m a little late posting this, but here it is! My Olympic Project!

I’ve heard of others who do these and thought it would be fun to try. I started it during the opening ceremonies and finished it the day before the closing ceremonies. The yarn is Lake Ice Heather 100% peruvian wool from Knit Picks. Its one of the Wool of the Andes yarns. I love this yarn. It’s soft and warm and not itchy at all.

I did mine a little different from the pattern because I found it a little too snug around the neck for me. It took me a week of so to decide how I wanted to decorate it and then I found this pretty lace and the snowflakes and knew they were perfect.

If I made it again I would make it on a bigger needle and not block it so much, but I’m very happy with it. I’ve never done anything this complicated. I’m just so thrilled that all my cabling came out perfect…all the same lengths and all in the right directions. lol.

Hope you enjoy seeing it!

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