The older I get…

the more I worry about trying new things.

At least that’s how it feels sometimes.

Take for example my pressure cooker. My mom used one all the time. I saw her using it and there was never a problem. I had my mom’s cooker for years although I couldn’t find the weight. A lot of moving and packing and unpacking equaled one lost weight. So last year I got a new one. Bright, shiny and nice and big.  Of course, over the years, I’ve learned there are things that CAN go wrong with pressure cooking. I understand that so long as you follow the directions there won’t be a problem, but in the back of my mind is now all this “new” information that has been put in.  Have I tried my new pressure cooker? No. sighs.

I wanted to learn a little about herbs and essential oils. I’m not trying to be one of those I-can-cure-anything-with-just-the-weeds-in-my-yard sorts, but my skin is  very sensitive and I thought maybe I could find a way to make a few things myself and know the ingredients and such.  Good idea, right?  Yes…and no. Have I learned a lot? Yes. Do I continue to try and learn what I can? Yes. What else have I learned? All the things that those herbs can also do. yikes!  Just because its herbal and natural, doesn’t mean it can’t be dangerous, too. Then there are all the differing opinions. Noone agrees on anything. Have you noticed that? Do I try to keep learning? Yes. Do I still try some things? Yes. Do I try as many things as I originally pictured in my mind’s eye when I began this? No. sighs.

I love to knit. I’ve been knitting maybe 6 years or so now. I’ve learned a lot, but it seems that no matter what I make, there is a mistake that either makes it hard to wear, or is just a small visual thing. It’s not laziness on my part not to frog it back. It’s that I never notice until its finished that something isn’t quite right. It’s bigger than it should have been. It’s smaller than it should have been. There are a few wonky stitches in the middle of a row. It hemmed when it should have hawed. It yinged when it should have yanged. It’s too stiff. It’s too floppy. I adore colorwork and have always been in awe of fair isle knitting. I’ve tried a couple projects with colorwork with very mixed results. On one hand, I like them because of what they represent, but none of them came out entirely “right”.  It’s very frustrating. Do I keep knitting? Yes, I love it. Do I hesitate more often now? Yes. sighs.

And the list goes on. It seems like the more I learn, the more I know can go disastrously wrong. The older and “wiser” I get the more I know all the things I don’t know and what can happen because of what I don’t know. The more I worry about trying something new or different.

For some reason I thought it would work the other way around.

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Bamboo Redo

Another purchase from this weekends yard sales was a stack of bamboo placemats. I’m not a placemat user, unless its for something decorative or protective under plants or somesuch, but I really liked these. I love wood and I think bamboo is so pretty. Soon as I saw them, I saw an answer to a little problem I’ve been having.

I’m a bit of a nightowl, so I tend to sleep in the mornings, unless I really need to get up earlier. Since I put up my summer curtains and the sun comes up right on that side of the house, it streams in my window and can be a little annoying to one trying to sleep. I thought of shades, but not really a shade fan. I’ve used them and they work, but they don’t like me much and either keep falling down or doing the “flapflapflapflapflap” as they suddenly roll up…usually while I’m asleep.

I saw the perfect solution in these placemats! So here they are. I got 6 of them for 50 cents each. Score! (btw..the original pricetag of $3 each was still on the backside, so NOW let’s hear it.. SCORE!)


Next I attached the together with thin white leather cord and tied it in little bows. (( OK, small addendum here… I did them on each side, but found when I hung them up they bagged a little in the middle, so tomorrow I’ll be adding another bow in the middle just to help them hang better))  This is 3 mats together.


Next I made little loops at the top, put up some cuphooks inside my window frame, and hung them up! Some people may want them only 2 mats long, but you can see where my pillow and bed are and the third one will be the charm for my purposes. Sunlight still comes through with a pretty filter effect. Air still circulates, and it blocks enough sun that it won’t be a problem sleeping in what filters through. And they look really pretty with the colors in my curtains!

bamboo4 bamboo3

Woot! What a fun time I had making these. Now let’s see… what’s next……..

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Old is new again

So this weekend was gorgeous. Finally…a nice weekend and hubby was off for it to make matters even spiffier. Saturday we set the alarm for eaarrrrlllllyyyy  in the morning and went yardsaling. we LOVE yard sales. One of my finds was this little plantstand/table. It’s wrought iron and has seen better days, but it was so cute, I just had to get it. My mind’s eye saw something much prettier when I looked at it.

Here’s how it looked when we got it.  (Yes, I remembered to take pictures from start to finish on both my projects…yay!)

flowerstand2 flowerstand1

I bought some rust-o-leum spray paint in high gloss enamel that matches the shutters I painted last summer. For the frugal… yes, I know you can get cheaper spray paint,  but I’ve found that when it comes to spray paints, you get what you pay for. It doesn’t last, it doesn’t cover nearly as well, and I always ended up having to redo the item every year. Here it is with a beautiful blue paint job.


I couldnt’t let it stay that way though. I mean it IS a flower on top right? I was going to go for a sunflower look, but I had such pretty colors in my paint rack and since there are 9 petals, I had to use 3 different colors. Tomorrow the top will get a clear gloss coating on top to protect the flower, but it started raining today and I wanted to take these pictures. :)


I love how it came out. I’ll take a final shot tomorrow once its glossy and add it here, but isn’t it cute?  Next project will follow! oh boy! ;)

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