Country door redux and a tree

I kept looking at my pencil sketch of the country door and it just looked flat and not very stand out to me. I decided to do an india ink on it. I love ink and watercolor washes so I thought I would try it. I love how it came out. It looks far more “there” now than it did before. I’ll post both so you can compare in this post.

country door drawingcountry door with ink


I did this painting tonight, also. I love how this came out. Opinion time.. should I try to add a background wash or leave it as is? Let me know in the comments!

flowering tree

Tropical Purse Redux and a Sewing Machine Cover

The other night I posted a purse that I made, but knew that I hadn’t put the pieces quite right. I winged it enough to make it useful, but I loved the material and wanted to try again. I also used a different interface and it made a world of difference. It slightly less wide but about 3 inches deeper. The top is still smaller than I think theirs was on the video, but its big enough and much less chance of stuff falling out. I also made the straps just a little longer. It also feels much nicer with the different interface. I just love these colors. This was a “Stax” pack from Walmart if you liked it and want to look for it. I also lined it with regular material this time instead of the nylon-y “lining material” I used on the first one. While I like the feel of the other lining also, it was harder to use because it was so slippery. I think I’ll save that for smaller projects.

new purse1 new purse2


I’ve been needing to make a cover for my serger and have been delaying a bit because I was nervous about trying it. I watched a number of videos and some of them looked really awful. lol.  Debbie Shore has one that didn’t look too bad, so I decided to try that style. She uses stuff I’ve never heard of, however, so I had to improvise a little. If you notice, hers is very stiff and stands on its own easily. I used a batting that I had already. I did try quilting it in a pattern and that worked pretty well even if you don’t notice it as much with the busier pattern. I didn’t like how the top was put on and I struggled a LOT with that part. I think I’ll be taking part of that way of doing things and perhaps finding another way of adding the top to the base. I love the material I used. I’ve been saving it for just this purpose. I have enough to make matching covers for my embroidery machine, too. Pretty proud of my pockets and lace, though. :)

case2 case1


I have some pretty canvas pieces so I want to find a nice simple grocery bag type tote. Hmm.. maybe I can take apart one I have and copy the pieces and see how they made it. (ponders) Boy, I’m getting brave. LOL. I also have started thinking towards Christmas and finding some pretty material for projects I have in mind. I also have my embroidery machine set up again in its new location so I can add decorations to some of the things I make. Next… sit down with my serger class online and learn to actually use it. LOL

Ta for now!


Pretty front porch door

Not a very creative title, but I was stuck for what else to call it. lol. I wonder sometimes if I should post the picture that inspired me, since next to that picture, mine will suffer even more than it would on its own, but someone else may like the pic and want to do a version, too, so I share both. Anyone on advice on if I should do that or not let me know! :) This is not a picture I took, btw. It was shared someplace on FB. If its yours let me know and I’ll give you full credit.

door and porch pic to draw


I love old doors and country scenes and flowers and such. I just thought this porch looked like someplace I would love to sit and read. I’ve also been trying to get lighter and not so bright. I love the muted shades you can get with watercolor, but I always seem to be very heavy handed with color and lose the shadows. I also keep trying to remember that a painting doesn’t have to be exactly like the picture with every detail the picture has. I heard someone on youtube say that your art should reflect the part of the scene/picture that YOU like best. It doesn’t have to be a duplicate of what you’re looking at. I tried to remember that when I did this drawing.

country door drawing