Ruffle the Kerfluffle

So doddering around the internet I found someone who did crafts with kids. It involved taking a splatter of ink and blowing it around the page with a straw in all sorts of random patterns, then imagining what those designs could become. I thought what a fun thing to do and what a great way to jumpstart the juices when you don’t have anything in particular in mind, but still feel like drawing and painting.

So I found an old bottle of Sepia calligraphy ink and went for it. The drawing below became Ruffle the Kerfluffle fish.

This was a lot of fun and really very liberating. It was like staring up at the clouds and thinking about what shapes they looked like. Nothing was inaccurate or wrong because it was my creation and I could make it anything I could imagine.

Aside from the sepia ink that formed the splatter, I used my new Derwent Graphitint watercolor pencils for the coloring, a mixed media paper and black calligraphy ink with an old dip script pen. I miss using my old pens. The microns are nice and more convenient, but its not the same as an old dip pen. There is a scratchy, lacy quality to the old style pens that just cannot be matched. The lovely line weights that happens so naturally with a script pen especially just adds to the look, in my opinion.

Anyway without further ado I present to you… Ruffle the Kerfluffle!

ruffle the kerfluffle

#214 Diva Challenge… EARTH DAY

So this is my interpretation of Earth Day.. our Earth and her friends and buddies in the solar system. :)

btw… you can refill pigma micro pens but just because it says India Ink doesn’t mean its totally waterproof. Yes, going to be looking into this.


#214 diva challenge

#213 Diva Challenge

Better late than never. lol. The lighting in this picture is terrible, I know, but I was too tired to work on making it better. :)

I used a ring, a bottle cap, the bottom half of a Loctite super glue bottle, a worry stone, a little sock blocker keychain. (and yes I can make the tiny sock keychain for it), and a little piece of agate slice from a necklace.

#213 challenge