Damaged Nerves, Tote bags and Teapots

So its been a while but I have a good excuse. :)  My finger has been in a splint for the last 3 weeks or so. It was a crafting project gone terribly awry. Who says crafting can’t be bad for your health?  ;)  Anyway, if you ever put on a snap wrong and have to try to pry that sucker apart again, do NOT, I repeat do NOT use a pocketknife as a prybar. Knife slid right over and stabbed straight into the side of my index finger. Talk about pain! Oh boy this one was brutal. Finger is numb on the top and right side, but you would think if it was numb it wouldn’t hurt, right? WRONG! Turns out that I didn’t dmg the bone but I sure dmged the nerve good, which keeps firing pain even if it doesn’t register feeling. Go figure. sighs. Not sure what the end result will be but feeling like this will never stop hurting. So its been hard to work on projects or type. I can finally start doing some typing when I take off the splint, but not for long periods of time.

I had to work on something tho or lose my mind so without further ado here are my newest projects. The first one I call “The Diva” totebag. I saw the fabric and it screamed a friend’s name so I just had to get some and make it for her. She loved it! This was my third bag like this and it came out the best so far.

diva bag 1 diva bag 2

The next project was my first ever zipper bag. Now before you make “that” face, I know there are lots of not so right things about it. I’m having a hard time trying to do quilting without the bottom puckering and this was my first ever zipper so it was its own learning curve. While it doesn’t look great, it does work and thats a win as far as I’m concerned. lol

first zipper bag

Lastly, I love, love, love this project. It was a lot of fun doing it and I think it came out really cute. I’d like to make more of them as I get pots.

sewpot 1 sewpot 2

I’ll be back again soon. Hope you enjoyed the little catch-up. :)


Ruffle the Kerfluffle

So doddering around the internet I found someone who did crafts with kids. It involved taking a splatter of ink and blowing it around the page with a straw in all sorts of random patterns, then imagining what those designs could become. I thought what a fun thing to do and what a great way to jumpstart the juices when you don’t have anything in particular in mind, but still feel like drawing and painting.

So I found an old bottle of Sepia calligraphy ink and went for it. The drawing below became Ruffle the Kerfluffle fish.

This was a lot of fun and really very liberating. It was like staring up at the clouds and thinking about what shapes they looked like. Nothing was inaccurate or wrong because it was my creation and I could make it anything I could imagine.

Aside from the sepia ink that formed the splatter, I used my new Derwent Graphitint watercolor pencils for the coloring, a mixed media paper and black calligraphy ink with an old dip script pen. I miss using my old pens. The microns are nice and more convenient, but its not the same as an old dip pen. There is a scratchy, lacy quality to the old style pens that just cannot be matched. The lovely line weights that happens so naturally with a script pen especially just adds to the look, in my opinion.

Anyway without further ado I present to you… Ruffle the Kerfluffle!

ruffle the kerfluffle

#214 Diva Challenge… EARTH DAY

So this is my interpretation of Earth Day.. our Earth and her friends and buddies in the solar system. :)

btw… you can refill pigma micro pens but just because it says India Ink doesn’t mean its totally waterproof. Yes, going to be looking into this.


#214 diva challenge