Pretty Things and Two Good Causes

Hiya all!

This past weekend the Sweetie and I went to two fairs. One of them was pretty small, but the folks we met were really nice. At this fair was a booth called Trades of Hope. I had never heard of them before. They are a global company that works with women in impoverished countries to help them earn enough money to feed their kids, send them to school, buy them clothes, etc. The items are all handcrafted by the women, transported and sold here and in other places. I was rather shocked when I found out everything is handmade. The items were so beautiful and so creative and well done. I couldn’t help myself.😉

wire-birdThis little bird is made by making a clay form of the bird and letting it harden. Then they do the wire wrapping. When that’s done they soak the clay bird until it dissolves and are left with the wire cage. I love birds and thought this was just the cutest thing. The set is a threesome, but they were allowing folks to buy them separately also. These are made in Nepal.







beaded-braceletThe next was a beautiful bracelet from Nepal. The beads are ceramic glazed and the bi-corns, are you ready for this?, coiled cereal boxes! I have seen them on you tube, but have never seen them in person. I can’t imagine how they can cut these strips soooo small or wind them so perfectly, but they do. This particular bracelet is their “Signature Bracelet” because its so popular for its colors and varied beads. I adore fall colors and fell in love with this bracelet.

“Haiti had this century’s worst natural disaster and is home to almost 500,000 orphans. The majority of the orphans have not been orphaned by prenatal deaths or natural disasters, but by parents who gave them up simply because they could not feed them. The Apparent Project is the “UN-orphanage” and is helping with the orphan crisis by providing parents with sustainable business through creating products.”  (from the website)




wire-bracelet-1wire-bracelet-2Finally, just before we left I saw this cuff. I look good in cuffs and like them so long as they aren’t too heavy or hot. This particular bracelet is now discontinued which is sad because the women said its a very popular seller.  I don’t know much about the specifics other than its from India.






The second fair we ended up getting a couple things, but I can’t show them to you yet since they are early Christmas pressies.🙂 I’m sending out pressies early because its just too much trouble to keep track of them while packing.  I’ll post them when my sister gets them. 🙂

Finally, I wanted to post this little jar that I made. I sort of winged it and there are things I learned NOT to do when I do it again, but I still really like it. It’s done with polymer clay and a little art deco bottle I’ve had sitting around for a while.

bottle1 bottle-5 bottle-4 bottle-3 bottle-2

Since there are a lot of piccies in this post, I didn’t make them real big, but if you want to see them close-up you can click on the picture.

Now for the second good cause.🙂

I had never heard of this, but my sister has been doing it for many years. It’s called Samaritan’s Purse.  They also have a blog, Samaritan’s Purse blog.  They do a seasonal drive called Operation Christmas Child. You might know it better as the Shoebox Ministry. They are run by Franklin Graham (Billy Graham’s son) and are world-wide. You fill a shoebox with all kinds of little gifty and practical things. You pick boy or girl and an age group for each box and label it, then fill it up with appropriate items for that child. Candy (stuff that won’t melt or spoil), pens, crayons, notebooks, toys, toothbrushes, brushes, ribbons and bows, little cars or trucks…etc.  They have lists for ideas and let you know which items not to include since they are going to many countries and many temperature zones. They also are the first on the ground at any emergency here and abroad. There is no way of knowing if you box will end up in some little girl’s hands in Haiti or a flood victim in Louisiana.  They send out millions of these each year.  Many churches act as drop-off points or you can find out the nearest one to you.

No matter what your beliefs are, this is a great cause and benefits children all over the world, including the United States, who would otherwise get nothing at all. I can’t wait to make my boxes.🙂

So that’s my post. Hope all is well with you! Talk to you again soon.

I promise I’m trying…

to keep up and get more active online again!  Really!  I am!

Packing is horrible. I mean, horrible and overwhelming. 13 years of stuff to go through. Add to that the fact that my sweetie and I are both “keepers” and you can well imagine the horror. lol. There is always going to be a use for that little item, or this little doodad, or that little something or other and sure as shootin’ the day after we get rid of it we will need it. Yes, we are those people. hehe. Now that doesn’t mean we hang on to EVERYthing, but anything that can be used in a craft, or a building project or the garden/yard… yep.  Still we have to unload a lot of stuff and I’m trying to pick corners and areas of the house to concentrate on at a time. So I spend hours going through stuff and making my “piles”.

There is the KEEP pile, of course. I’m trying to be sure that is the smallest one at the end.

There is the TOSS IT pile. I’m trying to make that the biggest one.

There is the FREE pile. That’s the one that goes out to the curb because people will take it for free and I don’t have to pay to haul it off.

Lastly there is the DONATE pile. I try to make sure that one has the better stuff in it. It goes to Salvation Army or the local Animal Shelter. They have yard sales all summer long to help with costs of the shelter.

It’s very hard to let go of things. I’ve been carting around stuff that I’ve had since I was a kid/teenager and haven’t looked almost since then. I mean, really????  OI! OUT! So far I’m pretty proud of myself. I mean we will always have a lot of stuff but at least its all good practical stuff and not stuff we didn’t even know we had or haven’t looked at in 30 years.

I haven’t done ANY drawing or painting and I’m missing it, but I have done some sewing. I want to finish with making some things that I need/already started before I put my machines away. I made myself a pretty little skirt, which I’ll take a pic of tomorrow and post. I made some headbands, because I’m trying to let my hair grow out a bit but cannot stand it in my face when its hot.

I also made some pillows. I couldn’t resist Minnie Mouse in pink flannel. I have one more to make and I’ll take a pic of that and show you when its done. Two are for my car. I saw something on Amazon and loved it but they were expensive. I knew I could make them so I did. I forgot to take pictures, but they have pink grosgrain ribbon with white polka dots in a bow tied around the middle so that the whole pillow looks like a bow.


Here they are in their final home. I love how cute they look.

pillows in place

The last one will be set up the same way but on my scooter. BUT… I was in Walmart and they had gotten in a new fabric that was black with red Minnie Mouses and red polka dots. My scooter is red and black.. well, you know what that means! Yep, I bought a yard and a half to make another pillow and a piece for a bandanna. :)))

Another unfinished project was a pair of white deck sneakers. Just simple white slip-ons. I wanted them pink and sparkly because.. well, why not? I had one halfway done so I’ve been working on them. I would never use this glitter stuff I used again though. What a pain in the butt and three thick coats later, this is as good as they are going to be.  I like them, but sheesh, what a mess.


So that’s it for me for now. Packing, holding yard sales, going through stuff, and trying to fit in some crafts so I don’t entirely lose my what’s left of my mind. Yep, busy summer. What all have you been up to this summer?







May you live in interesting times…

So gosh, I know I’ve not been as active on the blogging scene, but it seems like every time I’m going to post things change again. lol.

We’ve done two shows this summer. The last one went ok, but we had such a heatwave come in that it really was more on the miserable side sitting there and, I believe, really kept a lot of people home or just coming to look at the tractors and then heading back to the AC. Everyone was very nice, even with all the heat. We kept a bowl full of water at the corner of our canopy for all the furbabies with their parents. They were so hot. It’s amazing how many people don’t think to bring some water with them to give their dogs while they walk. There was huge appreciation from grateful moms and dads for giving their babies water, though, and we had a lot of fun talking to them and petting their “kids”. Lots of sloppy kisses.🙂

There has been a somewhat recent development that is keeping things a little on edge around here. The company my husband works for is going to be selling/closing down the building where he works come December. We’ve been wanting to move to Texas to be with my family and have been praying about a way to get there. Guess this is God’s way of saying, “ok well let’s go then.”

If he stays until the end of December, he will get a very nice bonus and a very nice severance package (assuming that doesn’t change) and we’ll be heading to TX beginning of the year. We need to get a travel trailer and thanks to the tiny house movement, it has gotten really expensive even for used trailers. God’ll find one for us, but its a little bit of torture to look until then. lol. We’ll stay at my family’s with the trailer until we find something down there. This is the biggest move we’ve ever made and this time we cannot do it ourselves so that adds another worry. We will need a moving company this time and dag is that expensive.

I’m trying not to hit panic, but panic is my natural state since I’m a chronic worrier, so its not easy. I just keep reminding myself that God has never let us down, never let us be homeless and has always provided what we needed. So while terror is lurking beneath the skin, I’m also excited to be near my sister and bil, as is my husband.

Though I need to start packing and going through things, I also need to do some creative things still, so I don’t lose my mind entirely. lol.

Here are some pendants I just made. I have to do a lot of work on my shop and am pondering just making things for it and working on it more once we get moved. Not sure I need/want more stress right now worrying about a store. We’ll see.  I’ve been working on my wire-wrapping skills again lately.


This is a slice of geode. I have quite a few of these and they have the natural state of their stone left on the edges. I’m still working on my bails, but I like the informal bail wraps a lot. This one has a simple twisted loop at the top.









This is really cool. It has a white flower inclusion and then it has pale yellow sparkles and chips around it inside the glass pendant. The really fun part of this was the discovery that those sparkles also glow in the dark. I never knew that. LOL.  My husband saw it after I shut off the lights in my workroom for the night and he was passing through. He called me to come look and we were shocked to see it glowing merrily. I wrapped it with an abstract tree of life pattern. I thought that would look nice with flower inside.







rhodoniteThis is a large piece of Rhodonite. It belongs to a friend of mine and she wanted it wrapped to dress it up a bit. I did it once and I wasn’t at all happy with it and took it back again. This is how it looks now and I’m thrilled with how it came out. This is my fanciest wrap ever and I hope she likes it.


So that’s all I have right now. I’ve not painted or drawn much of anything, but I have some sewing projects, for me this time, that I want to get started on. Hopefully, I’ll have something to show you soon. I also have a few things I want to show you that I made for the last show, but I haven’t had time to get pics of them yet. That’s on my To Do list. lol.

Take care all and thanks for sticking with me through my little absences right now. I’ll keep you post. Everyone stay safe!