My shop is open and new lovelies to show you!

cjlogoYep, you read that right. Finally my shop is now open for business. I’m still working out the kinks and the items are a little limited, but its a work in progress. At least its up and running. I’m really excited about this new venture. I designed and drew my new logo and I love how it came out. I have lots of ideas to implement if it gets off the ground. Everything on the site is made my little ‘ole me.

It’s called Chickadee Junction and I hope you guys all go visit it and let me know what you think. :)





I’ve been wanting to make some kind of little wall hanging that could hold things. I’m always losing my glasses, remote controls, pens, etc at night when I go to bed. They get knocked off the little shelf I usually use so it was time for a better solution. This is my first bag. I like it overall, but it really needs some heavyweight interfacing to give it some body; perhaps even a little quilting. It’s also too small for my remotes, but works great for my glasses. Ideally I want to have it in a set of 1 small and 1 large. I think these will look really cute in all different kinds of fun fabrics. I plan to sell them on my shop once I work out all the kinks.
















paintedflowerI’ve been watching a lot of videos about painting on fabric and have gotten totally hooked on how it looks and how much can be done with it. I bought a 72 box of Derwent Inktense Blocks and some Jacquard No Flow medium. This little flower is my first try with it. The pen that I outlined the flower with was not a waterproof one so it bled into the medium. The top half is done one way and the bottom half of the flower is done another way. I like the bottom half better. :) I’m chuffed on how this came out, though. I can’t wait to combine this with my burgeoning quilting and sewing skills. :)

If you haven’t seen this technique I urge you to search you tube on painting on fabric with Derwent Inktense Blocks. It’s amazing to see the gorgeous things you can do with them.










Last but not least, a new painting. You know, I really need to not be too lazy to get up and get my watercolor paper when I know I’m going to be using my watercolors. lol. This was actually done on regular Strathmore 400 series sketch paper. Hence the wrinkles. :)  I’m going to redo this on good paper, but I was really happy to see how it came out. It’s supposed to be a line and wash painting of an old barn in the winter. I need to get better at starting lighter and getting the right colors, but they probably would have looked better on watercolor paper. Still, I like it and love these kinds of paintings. If you follow Peter Sheeler on you tube you’ll see what I was aiming for. I like the lack of.. pressure?… to make something look exactly like the photo. The more muted tones, the rustic-ness of the style. I think learning how to do the “less is more” painting will help whatever else kind of painting I do.


So that’s the catch-up. I was in a little funk for a couple weeks after the car accident, but it felt really good to do some creating again.

Ya’ll take care and thanks for visiting!

A sunflower a day keeps the…um….



Ok, it doesn’t keep anything away, but they do make me smile. :) I really like sunflowers. I wanted to try out my newest splurge; the Derwent Inktense Blocks 72 count. I have plans for those and I was trying them out tonight on watercolor paper. The little bit of background is done with my Derwent watercolor pencils.

I had a lot of fun and the colors are gorgeous. As I’ve seen on many you tube videos, adding water really makes the color POP!  One thing I learned, however, was that next time I’ll use a piece of paper under my hand. It smears pretty easily. The colors went down nice and creamy and I couldn’t wait to add water to it. You can leave it dry, but I really think that’s better done in small amounts. Not wetting them is really missing out on the explosions of color.

I used an Elegant Writer for the text. I’m working on my calligraphy again, but gosh those elegant writer’s have the crappiest tips! I don’t know how anyone could really learn to do nice lettering with those things. It was right to hand, though, so I used it.

Anyway, ya’ll have a great night and try to stay out of trouble…or at least don’t get caught. :)