Old Ladies, Bunnies and Caddies

Intrigued? hehe

This is the last of my little “found” experiments. While the exercise was fun, I don’t think its something I would do that often. It’s provides good practice at seeing things in random patterns, but I’m not certain I enhanced those things “found” or messed them up. I had a good time with it, though, and used them to try new techniques on each one. So that makes it worth the time. Maybe I’ll do more another time.

This first one actually came out the best of all the “designs”. I got pretty even mirror imaging, which is what I wanted to happen. These two looked like a couple of old ladies, with big noses and matching bows under their chins, just gossiping away.



This one was another single print and looked like two bunnies. Remember these are “found” images, so not always anatomically perfect. lol.


I made a couple more mug caddies. I’m still tweaking them, but these came out a little better than my first one. I do have a pattern for really nice ones, but if I do them this way, there is less time and materials (no batting or bias tape) involved and so I can keep the price down. I was thinking of perhaps making a couple for examples and then having a display of them not in mugs so they can pick their favorite patterns. They don’t use a lot of material so its also a good way to use up scraps from other projects. What do you guys think?

retrocaddy2 retrocaddy1 sneakercaddy2 sneakercaddy1So that’s the latest. Hubby is home with a bad cold and my throat is sore. I think mine is more allergies, but losing my voice right now and wondering…

Later all!



Paintings and a new sewing project

So now that the rush for the bigger items is done for now, I wanted to try something smaller. I saw this on you tube and thought it looked adorable. However, the video is not very good, unless you are really experienced, and a lot wasn’t very well explained. The camera work was pretty unhelpful as well. The first one I made, which is the one you see here, came out pretty good except that the foundation piece that all the pockets, inside and out, are attached to is the wrong side out. In the video she used plain material and said it didn’t matter for that, but did not go on to say which way the material should be if it has a definite front and back. First thing learned. It also matters which way you place the pocket fabrics if it has a pattern with a definite top and bottom. Again, not explained. Second thing learned. Finally, there is a part that I have yet to figure out, but doing it the way she shows leaves you with the folded edge showing. I don’t know how to explain this better, but I have yet to sort out how to make that not happen. I love how it looks though and it really holds tons of stuff. I want to make more of these in all kinds of fabrics and sell them, but first I have to figure out all the unexplained things. lol.

mug pockets 1 mug pockets 2


I’ve also been trying some new art projects. I found a few ideas on you tube (where else? lol) and wanted to give them a shot. I didn’t have quite the same items they used, but substituted with what I had. So what do you do with a background that came out all wrong? You use it to make something else on! That’s what this painting is. Did you know that watercolor paint does not like to go over top acrylic? I didn’t. lol.  Although, once I got one coat on the rest stuck just fine. I tried using watercolor and also used a little white gouach (spelling?) in titanium white. It was sort of fun, and very freeing, to not worry about wasting the paper since I had already made a mess of it and this was just time to play and experiment. I don’t dislike it, but wonder if I could spray it or modge podge it to give it a more glossy look…..hmm…

universe experiment

The next painting was another “oh crud, I think this is wrong now what do I do with it” painting. These two were actually created on the same night while trying a new technique. By created, I mean the messed up background, not what was done on top of them. This one I used india ink and outlined all the little nooks and crannies to see what I would end up with. I then added little surprised in the different places. I like the colors in this one and I always like a lined look with pen and ink.

pen and acrylic

This last one was another attempt at what I saw on you tube. This time I got it right. :)  I made three prints, one large and two smalls, and this is one of the small ones. When I looked at it I saw a fish, so that’s what came out. This was a lot of fun. The next two will look like other things and I’ll try to remember to get a before and after shot so you can see what I was trying to do.

found fish

That’s it for today. Hope you had a great day!



The Sewing marathon is over!

I did it! I finished all the items I wanted to have ready for this Wednesday. Of course, the hubby has to work unexpectedly, so I won’t be able to get stuff down there until Thursday, but I still made my deadline. :) Here are the final items. I’m actually really proud of how they came out, especially the table runner which was my first pieced piece and came from my head. <bounces>

Pricing was a bit of a conundrum, though. I looked up on Etsy and looked at pages of stuff trying to get a ballpark average on prices. I was shocked at how much money people charge for stuff like this. However, when I added up what it cost me to make it just in materials alone, then figured out how long it took me to make them, I now get it. But the shop where they will be is not the kind of area that things priced like Etsy will sell. I think I came to a fair price, for me and for those buying them.

bird set flowers set pumpkin set table runner feather bag Taking a little break to figure out what my next little projects will be. I have some ideas and I want to work on some WIPs with my knitting since its fall already and it will be cold before I know it.